Does the Google Toolbar work with AOL?

  pj123 13:30 18 Nov 2003

because it doesn't show on my Home Page so I don't know whether it is working or not. If I go to Google home page I have - at the bottom of the page - Blocking Popups with a figure alongside?

  DieSse 13:41 18 Nov 2003

Any help? click here

  DieSse 13:45 18 Nov 2003

Read this too click here

  Djohn 13:47 18 Nov 2003

Hi Pete, No it won't work with AOL, but if you sign on as normal, then minimise AOL to the taskbar, open IE you can add the google toolbar to that and it works fine. j.

  pj123 14:57 18 Nov 2003

Thanks Guys, this PC is on NTL broadband and my homepage is Google. The Google Toolbar is there and working fine. I will try your suggestions on my other PC which only has AOL dialup but because I always assumed that AOL doesn't use IE it wouldn't work. So are you saying that if I log on to AOL and then minimise and open IE I would still be connected to the internet but in IE and could I then make Google my homepage?

  DieSse 15:01 18 Nov 2003

I don't quite unnerstand why you would want the toobar AND google as your home page??

  DieSse 15:06 18 Nov 2003

As an aside - a tip for a home page.

Set up a page of links to, say, the top ten pages you usually want to go to first (you can do this in Word). Store it as an HTML page on your hard drive - then make this your home page.

It loads instantly when you click IE - then you simply click the link to the place you want to go this session. Easier than using favourites even.

  Djohn 15:08 18 Nov 2003

Yes Pete, You will be able to do that, in fact you can make any page your homepage in IE even though you are using AOL.

When you boot-up AOL, the normal desktop will come up on screen, minimise to taskbar and click on your IE Icon, IE will then open immediately with your chosen homepage, then surf the web from there. j.

  pj123 15:18 18 Nov 2003

DieSse sorry I don't understand what your last comment meant. I am an IT trainer and I have 8 computers for my trainees. My own (exclusive use) is on NTL Broadband and my homepage is Google which has the google toolbar installed (now showing 56 blocked). My other 7 computers are all on AOL (which doesn't use IE or OE) and I tried downloading the Google Toolbar to all of these computers which appears to have been successful but there is no toolbar showing unless I go to the Google homepage, which to me means that you can't have another home page except AOL.

  DieSse 15:57 18 Nov 2003

Ah - now I understand your set ups a bit better.

On your own computer -

Why do you want Google as your home page if you have the google toolbar - duplication of function I would have thought. On this system you could do the "local home page" trick if you wish.

On the other systems - well i guess it depends a lot on how you want your trainees to access the web - but if you do want to use Google as a serach engine - it looks like AOL have taht built in. If you want a pop-up blocker, then maybe you should look elsewhere, if the google one doesn't function. Or just use AOL as the internet access method, but use IE as the tool for actually using the net - with the google toolbar installed..

I believe AOL actually use a customised version of IE for their browser - which may explain why some parts of the google toolbar work.

Now this is just an opinion, and tell me to mind my own business if you like (and of course I don't know what your business is all about) . But if I were teaching people about the internet - the very last provider I would use to do this would be AOL - they are just so non-standard and quirky.

  Diemmess 16:32 18 Nov 2003

Those who started with IE and OE would find Aol is non standard. They have a lot of expertise to relearn and resent a change.

Aol to those like me who have never seriously used anything else (except Compuserve long ago)is standard it is everyone else who is "out of step"

Aol search declares itself to be with Google, but I have Google for years as a "Favourite Place" One click and Google comes up.

It comes naturally to me now, and I'm lost with anything else. I feel cosy with it and almost never have difficulty going on line, or ever been dropped in mid session. .......If I sit like a loon doing nothing for several minutes I may get a polite popup asking if I wish to stay on line. One click and I'm able to continue.

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