Does fittng own card invalidate warranty?

  algernonymous 10:58 20 Jul 2007

Morning all.
Can anyone tell me if fitting a PCI card into a PC still under guarantee will invalidate that guarantee?


  crosstrainer 11:04 20 Jul 2007

Will almost certainly invalidate your warranty..If in doubt, check with your supplier.

  octal 11:05 20 Jul 2007

Interesting question.

I think it's debatable. If they didn't want you to touch anything inside it would be in their terms and conditions, plus they would seal the box up so you have to break a seal to invalidate the warranty.

My take on it is why do they supply all the extra PCI connectors inside if you can't use them?

  crosstrainer 11:07 20 Jul 2007

Because they can use them, and charge for the upgrade...personally, I do not mind my astute clients upgrading their own machines as long as they check first.

Problems arise when novices attempt to "fix" things!

  octal 11:10 20 Jul 2007

By the way, I recently bought a new computer with no software on it because I run Linux and found it didn't work the HD wasn't found, on having a peak inside they hadn't fitted the SATA cable. I phoned them up and told them, they were very embarrassed about it and offered to take the computer back, I said if they didn't mind me fitting it just send me the cable. There was no question about the warranty.

  crosstrainer 11:12 20 Jul 2007

Approach to the sitiuation...why send it all back because a muppet failed to connect a cable? Sack 'em :)

  octal 11:18 20 Jul 2007

No, to be fair there was no software on it so not easy to notice straight away just by turning it on.

Sack 'em :D :D

I would have sacked ten times over for all the silly little mistakes I've made and will probably still make :)

  crosstrainer 11:20 20 Jul 2007

Have run it up anyway! Might have been a first job for a new member of staff, but like I say to mine on the rare occasions when they moan about workload...The bigger you get, the more personal touch and QC go out the window.

  crosstrainer 11:23 20 Jul 2007

To be there when mistakes are made! We all make them :)

  algernonymous 11:37 20 Jul 2007

If I may just break in to your conversation...:)

I gave them a call and I guess I've been lucky, they said it's no problem to fit it myself (having explained I knew how simple a procedure it was) Mind you, they're a local independant company, I doubt any of the national chains would be as accomadating.

Thanks for your replies.

  octal 11:42 20 Jul 2007

It's your thread :)

That sounds good, a sensible approach. I find the smaller companies are better, I got mine from Ballicom, I don't know how big they are but I must say I'm very satisfied with the service.

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