Does this Email sound suuspicious.

  bumpkin 15:38 03 Jul 2013

Hello all, Had an Email this morning title "Fwd:You Username and Password" I opened the page and it read

"Your account has been activated.

You can start right here.

You'll thank me for forwarding this message to you...I just had to share it... It's an amazing software. You won't believe what it does.


Tom Hardly"

2 links in it which I have not touched. I don't like the look of it Any opinions please.

  bumpkin 15:39 03 Jul 2013

Typo in the heading sorry.

  wee eddie 15:45 03 Jul 2013

Why have you not pressed the "Delete" Button.

If not, why not?

  Woolwell 15:48 03 Jul 2013

Of course it is suspicious. It is almost certainly a phishing email.

  bumpkin 15:50 03 Jul 2013

I have not deleted it yet as I have already opened it, I can do that now if you think it wisest.

  wiz-king 15:52 03 Jul 2013

Did you order the software? I think I know what it does butI will leave you to find out.

PS Make sure your firewall and antivirus is up to date!

  bumpkin 15:59 03 Jul 2013

I have now deleted it. I did not touch any links or order anything. Do I have anything to worry about just by opening it?

  Woolwell 16:01 03 Jul 2013

You are probably safe if you did not click on any links. For future reference do not open these emails but delete immediately. You did not start a new account so why should you get an email.

  Woolwell 16:03 03 Jul 2013

ps You certainly would not believe what the software does. Almost guarantee it will infect your pc and attempt to steal personal details including banking, credit cards, etc.

  bumpkin 16:14 03 Jul 2013

Thanks for your advice. I had yesterday asked for a password reminder from another site and initially thought it may have been related to that hence my reason for opening it at all. The legit reply was in another mail. I shall take more care in future, thanks.

  spuds 17:26 03 Jul 2013

I wonder how many people open emails, then pay or register for something that they know nothing about?.

Many thousands around the world I suspect, yet no matter how many warnings, people still do it?.

On average, I have anything from about 40 to 90 emails waiting in my email box every day. Most of those are deleted or marked up as spam, its only the ones that I recognise as being okay or non-suspicious that ever get opened.

My worse enemy is putting an incorrect address in a browser, and then getting suddenly re-directed to an adult website. I did that with my bank the other week :O(

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