Does EAX work?

  Sisha 12:44 28 Feb 2004

I have an audigy 1 sound card. If i install any games that have an auto detect function (that is supposed to find the optimum setup that your system is capable of) it never selects EAX for sound?
Would that possiblt mean that i have not installed proper EAX drivers? The creative web site software (that is supposed to detect what hardware you have and allow you to download the correct drivers) does not find anything and their do not appear to be any recent drivers to download doe this sound card?

  Chegs ® 12:51 28 Feb 2004

Enabling EAX on my PC with SB Live! does little but create an annoying splashscreen at 1st boot,that plays an extremely irritating melody. ;-)

  Jester2K 12:52 28 Feb 2004

Try getting new drivers here - click here

I find that newer games don't seem to detect EAX on my PCI512 card even though it supports EAX. I think there is a more up to date version of EAX that our cards don't support...

  Mysticnas 13:16 28 Feb 2004

and the latest EAX4 drivers.

I think the problem with the games is that they auto detect the optimum setting for your pc. This means not that they select all the top settings but will select what they think is appropriate to get a good playable frame rate.

Every computer is different, even if computer have same hardware installed they will mostlikely have different software etc... The code written to set the optimal settings is going to be a generalisation. It won't cater for every single PC, so in most circumstances it just sets it to the safest setting for your pc which inevitably may not be the best setting.

This is why you have to set it up yourself. Also EAX uses more memory, so unless you got 512mb of ram or more then i suggest you leave it off. Of course test it 1st to see if it runs propperly with it enabled, if not then just use normal sound setup.

Another point to note is that unless you have at least a 5.1 speaker setup, it's pointless using EAX!!! EAX uses surround sound speaker setup to emulate live sounds, echo's, reverb etc. In this case 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 would be the best solutions. I think creative do a budget 5.1 speaker setup for under £50! It's not going to decent quality, but enough for the average PC gamer. If you're more serious about your sound the invest in one of their mid-high range speaker sets. the 6.1 is a good set, it's got a switch were you can change a 5.1 input to 6.1.

If i had the money i'd go for the Cambridge range (soundworks, megaworks) of 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1, these come in at over around £300, but 500Watts of crystal sound is worth it! You deffinately would find a Hi-Fi set of similar speakers of similar quality anywhere near as low as that price!

  Mysticnas 13:20 28 Feb 2004

"You deffinately **WOULDN'T** find a Hi-Fi set of similar speakers of similar quality anywhere near as low as that price!"

  Stuartli 13:51 28 Feb 2004

My son got a superb 5.1 Logitech speaker set which has more than 600 watts available - price £249.

But Cambridge is a splendid company - he has one of its hi-fi amplifiers and the CD player.

  Indigo 1 14:00 28 Feb 2004

Speakers are a very individual subject and what sounds fine for one person may well sound superb for another or even awful.

  Mysticnas 15:25 28 Feb 2004

That is also very true. However, there is a set standard. The frequency range that your set supports is a vital issue.

There are the "How its meant to be heard" and "How you want to hear it" factors!

I can greatly say that a lot of speaker sets tend to concentrate on either end of the frequency range, but very rarely do you find a budget or mid range set that caters for a wide spectrum or frequencies at good quality!

Of course if you're feeling really flush you can get a seperate AMP and speaker set! This of course wanders off into the territory of the top-end home entertainment systems, with brand names that don't appear in your local Hi-Fi retail store. You can easily spend in excess of £10K and still not have the very best sound setup! A decent AMP can cost around £5000!

Rest assured there's one seal of quality that you can depend on, THX! Lucas doesn't let any old speakers out equipment pass the stringent THX tests. If the equipment passes all the tests it gets the THX seal of approval.

If you find a speaker set or sound card with a THX seal, then you be sure you've got a very decent set of speakers!

  Sisha 08:28 29 Feb 2004

I have a 5.1 speakers system and 512mb DDR memory so that should be OK. To be honest I have tinkered around and cannot here that much diference!

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