does downloaded pc repair software work?

  longjon 10:50 24 Oct 2003

my MESH pc is playing up again...specifically internet explorer running on it...i am trying to avoid ploughing through MESH's expensive helplines - so, does anybody know if downloaded pc repair programmes work and/or are good value?
i am spammed to oblivion by ads for them and am finally tempted to try one.
ta for any advice.

you'd be best to be more specific about which software, (personnally it sounds dubious to go for anything advertised in a spam email). there is a lot of useful software available though but first go through all of the standard windows maintenance tasks and have a good cleanup. Try reinstalling IE and the cumulative patches for it.

  bof:) 13:47 24 Oct 2003

Hi longjon, what exactly is the problem you are having?

when does it occur and what operating system are you using?

Perhaps someone on here can help? I've managed to sort out all my PC problems with the aid of the good folk on this site.


  longjon 14:21 24 Oct 2003

i will try re-installing and cleaning first, thanks horiz...tho i am not adept and am wary!

mike...os is windows me, and the prob is terminated connection every 90 secs or so with "runtime error" and "unusual abort" (i think!) messages. i am not at my home pc at the mo so cant confirm complete error msg

a couple of less harmful activeX msgs flash up , and new last night, a "content advisor" problem! can't trace what the hell these are!

shall i just junk the thing instead and go back to macs?!!

  Jester2K II 14:24 24 Oct 2003

Sounds like an over load of spyware and adware to me....

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