Does DDR memory default to a lower speed?

  cyberphobic 22:57 14 Jul 2004

I know that PC133 SDRAM will run as though it were PC100 RAM in a machine with an FSB of 100. Does the same principle hold true with DDR memory? I've just bought a cheap Gigabyte K7 Triton mobo and according to the handbook, the fastest memory it will run is PC2100. I just happen to have 2 x 128MB sticks of PC2700 RAM, will the mobo run them at PC2100 or will it not run them at all? The mobo handbook also says that the memory is dual inline, does that mean that I have to use a matched pair or can I just use one stick?

  CurlyWhirly 00:14 15 Jul 2004

I am not sure about dual inline but I know for a fact that your memory will only go as fast as your motherboard is capable of for example I have a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP motherboard and my memory is 400 mhz (PC3200) but my AMD Athlon XP 3000+ has a FSB speed of 333 mhz so my memory defaults to this speed as with AMD processors the memory and FSB speed must be in 'sync' to function properly.

  cyberphobic 05:12 15 Jul 2004


  cyberphobic 13:16 15 Jul 2004

Can anyone else help me with this please?

  cyberphobic 19:20 15 Jul 2004

Just yes or no would be good

  bertiecharlie 19:39 15 Jul 2004


click here for some information on the dual inline bit. You don't need to put them in in pairs.

  Dorsai 19:41 15 Jul 2004

It's tru about Pc133 and PC100, But PC2100 and PC133 arn't compatable, different connector.

If PC2700 and PC2100 have the same plugs this would SUGGEST, and i say suggest only, that it MIGHT work, but it may blow it all up if you try and they don't work.

But i have absolutly no idea of what will happen if they are not backward compatible, at best it wont boot/POST. At worst you end up with a new paperweight.

Unless someone can say 'I have done this, and it worked' i would sugget you not try.

  bertiecharlie 19:55 15 Jul 2004

click here about the backward compatability aspect (half way down the page).

  bertiecharlie 20:00 15 Jul 2004

There's also this here from Crucial click here. (That's enough "click heres" from me).

  cyberphobic 20:56 17 Jul 2004

Being of a reckless disposition, I put the computer together with the PC2700 memory and it worked perfectly - question answered then!!

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