Does Broadband get dialers?

  Uncle Den 09:50 17 Jul 2003

I don't want anybody to respond to this thread UNLESS they DO have Broadband and have DISCONNECTED their ordinary modem but have still got attacked by a dialer - or know a man who has.

No theories please - for these, add to the other thread "Is Broadband the answer to dialers?" if you wish - only fact here.

Let's hope that NO news is GOOD news!

Suggest all those interested keep an eye on this thread when they log on.

  Jester2K II 10:21 17 Jul 2003

Ho hum. The facts then for CABLE BROADBAND


If you have CABLE BROADBAND AND AN ORDINARY MODEM installed then you are at risk when the ORDINARY MODEM is plugged into the phone line because the dialler can dial out on an unused modem that you have left conveniently plugged in to the phone line.

Its simple.

Diallers can and will install on any PC on any type of connection. Whats important is whether they have a conventional (DUN) modem to phone out on. The diallers phone telephone numbers (ordinary phone numbers like in the back pages of the papers) which carry high charges.

If you have a conventional modem installed then whilst you are not using it the diallers can ring out.

If you don't have one installed or it is unplugged from the wall diallers can't ring out.

ADSL BroadBand- Not sure.

  Uncle Den 10:41 17 Jul 2003

You are indeed a Jester!

NO theories here PLEASE. FACTS only. PLEASE don't clutter this thread up unless you comply with the initial catergory:

"I don't want anybody to respond to this thread UNLESS they DO have Broadband and have DISCONNECTED their ordinary modem but have still got attacked by a dialer - or know a man who has."

This thread is supposed to become the absolute proof of the pudding!

  Sir Radfordin 10:50 17 Jul 2003

You cannot have conclusive proof of this without accepting a theory.

A dialer has to use a modem. ADSL and Cable Modems to not use the phone line. You are connected to a network and you are NOT charge for the useage you are charge for access to the service. No phone number is dialed.

If you do have a modem and it is plugged in then you could still get caught by a dialer.

If you have disconnected the modem then it can not be used. ADSL/Cable Modems can't be used by these nasties. There is the chance that you could be disconnected from your ADSL connection and connected to a different ADSL provider but its highly unlikely and you wouldn't be charged for anything since there is no telephone call being made.

A cable modem could not be used for this as it plugs directly into the network of the provider be it Telewest of NTL. With Telewest you don't have to do anything to connect you just have a network connection.

The fact is that if you have an active modem and its on a live telepehone line it can be used to make calls with or without your permissoin.

If you don't have an active modem you can not be connected to a service you will have to pay for or would appear as a charge on your phone bill.

End of story.

  Jester2K II 11:32 17 Jul 2003

Oh dearie dearie me! You just won't be told will you??

You have been given the information over 2 pages and 64+ postings in a previous thread.

What i said above is FACT. You may not like it, you may not understand it but the fact remains a dialler requires an analogue modem and a telephone line to work.

I have seen diallers installed on BroadBand PCs (both cable and ADSL) and on Dial Up Networking.

Diallers will install regardless of HOW they get on your PC (via Dial Up Networking or Cable Broadband) but at the end of the day they need an analogue modem to call out on.

Which bit do you not understand?


Sir Radfordin has explained about ADSL.

You don't need to ask for people to respond only if they know someone who has because you'll always get "well i met a bloke down the pub who knows someone..." stories.

What galls me the most is you have been given the facts by quite a few regulars here and you still question it.

Is there any point is giving you any information in future?

  Jester2K II 11:47 17 Jul 2003

When a dialler diallers out it rings premium rate numbers. When the number picks up there maybe a recorded message thats repeated or nothing at all. That doesn't matter because as long as you are connected your paying the bill.

Think of it like a burglar coming into your home and ringing a premium rate number he has set up himself and then leaving the phone connected until you get home. It could be a porno line, football stats or a looped recording of him laughing. Doesn't matter - you're connected and you're paying....

Cable modems are NOT connected to a phone line so they can't make these calls.


  Taurus 11:57 17 Jul 2003

How on earth does Uncle Ben expect ANY responses to a thread with such ignorant and arrogant content. The people that respond to your threads, Uncle Ben, do so out of the goodness of their hearts and do not deserve to be spoken down to like silly schoolchildren. You have your answer, now leave the forum to reasonable human beings!

  graham√ 12:25 17 Jul 2003

I know a man who has.

  leo49 13:12 17 Jul 2003

Well done,Sherlock - it's the reason I didn't bother on the original thread. A'creative' writer who wants others to do the creating - I don't think so! :o)

  Uncle Den 15:24 17 Jul 2003

As I said, I'm ignorant about IT - but I don't think I'm too stupid - at least I can read! As I also said, at the end of the other thread ("Is broadband the answer to dialers") I think that wraps it up. We had all the theories and explanations there - and jolly interesting and informative most were too.

I started this thread to find out if there were any remotely possible exceptions to what had been so clearly expounded before.

However, as good as the intentions were, I cannot see the point of continuing this thread now because it will only reiterate what's gone before - as it most surely has.

It's not that I don't trust you - anymore than the man who said the earth was round distrusted those who claimed it was flat - no more than those who said leeches and blood-letting were the answer to most ills - or those who offered scientiffic reasons why it was impossible to travel to the moon.

Anyway, if you are all absolutely certain that you have nothing further to learn and there is no "impossibly" remote chance of something that none of you have heard of to ever make you exclaim, "Well, I'm damned - I didn't think of that - I would have said that's totally impossible!" I think the objective of this thread (to which I hoped, for all our sakes, there would never be a single response) is devastated.

However, being as ignorant as I am, I still wonder how one can use an ordinary telephone through a Broadband modem if nothing can dial out through it?

If I can still dial out on my single-line phone, connected through the Broadband modem, then surely it is logical that there must be some sort of bridge between the two and, if so, I must consider if it's possible for some twisted hacker to devise a program to bridge a connection to gain access to my phone-line after all - if not today, then tomorrow maybe.

Thank you all for the slings and arrows, insults and inuendos about my mental state. However, some of you (if the cap fits) should consider if you were justly right to add to the thread at all - or if you were unable to see the point of the experiment to begin with - despite my trying to establish it as clearly as possible. Of course, I would not dream of calling any of you busybodies who simply couldn't resist butting in just to air your knowledge... that would be very out of order - and the last thing I'd want to do.

Although the answer I sought (for everyone's benefit) has in no way been achieved I don't think there's any point in pursuing this experiment because it will obviously only result in tedious circumlocution.

Over and out.


I think everybody has done an excellent job in answering your question. I for one understand it fully. Perhaps if you try reading the answers again, maybe a bit slower this time, you may understand what you are being told.

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