Does Avira AV include email scanning?

  Batch 09:17 27 May 2008

Like so many others, the time has come to ditch AVG. AVG8 is slow, resource hungry, incompatible with other security tools, causes my system to reboot (as if someone has hit the restart key on the system unit). The advice I've received from the AVG forum is really just shooting in the dark.

So, I've been looking at Avast and Avira.

The Avria user manual is not at all clear as to whether it includes email scanning. There are a couple of cursory references to email in general terms, that's all. Can some one clarify whether Avira has a full email scan capability like AVG's?

I can't find a user manual at all on the Avast website. Does it have one (e.g. embedded in the install package)? I can see from the website that it does have a generic email scanner though.

  Batch 15:38 31 May 2008

Switched to Avast.

What a breath of fresh air after the nightmares of AVG8.

  nickhick 17:05 18 May 2009

Funnily, I had Avast on my Windows XP laptop but found it seemed to slow it down when surfing and so now have Avira but wish it had obvious email scanning.

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