Does AVG8 Actually Update every day

  birdface 12:15 31 May 2008

Hi.Just a quick one since using AVG8 it updates every day.But checking Security Center it was in red.AVG not updated.Now I check AVG every morning after boot up and it always says AVG updated and gives the date.Switched automatic update off and decided to update manually and it runs the update and says nothing to update and closes.Now it still shows as updated for that date.Is it that AVG does not have updates every day like the 7.5 version or have I got problems with the up-date.

  provider 2 12:31 31 May 2008


Maybe this will help. It looks as if there is no shortage of problems with AVG 8.0 updates, though.

click here

  birdface 12:54 31 May 2008

Had a look around and could not find my problem.I am probably over cautious.It runs the scans fine but does not find anything to up-date.Now I have only just started running the up-date scans manually.I was just wondering why it said last update 31/5/08 when there was no update.It is obviously telling me it ran the scan but why say updated when nothing there.Ran it again and the actual words are,New update files not found,Update finished successfully no new update files found.I can only assume it does not find updates every day unlike 7.5 I will leave this open for a couple of days just to see if it does update eventually.Thanks.

  provider 2 13:03 31 May 2008


I`ve not read all those question either, but there seems to have been a kind of change of emphasis if I can put it like that.

The early problems were to do with overloaded servers, no doubt because AVG 7.5 was so popoular and many people were keen to change to the new version.

Now, it seems to have more to do with AVG 8.0 firewall permissions and the settings for updates in AVG 8.0 being more difficult to understand and configure. I think there may be some conflicts with SpywareBlaster and Spybot Teatimer function also.

  birdface 13:14 31 May 2008

Yes as it is new just a few problems to be sorted.I turned the Link Scanner off and the resident shield as they were using to much of the CPU.So not sure if that is affecting it.I still get 190 problems every time I run it.I would have thought they would have sorted that out by now.

  provider 2 13:22 31 May 2008

You`re probably right. Still, it`s a pity there have been so many problems and I see many users have gone back to 7.5 rather than try to sort out their difficulties with the new version.

Avast! has had considerable influx of former AVG users too. Only to be expected, I suppose, when this kind of thing happens.

  birdface 13:32 31 May 2008

Never liked Avast.Might try Avira next but will stay with AVG at the moment.

  birdface 13:39 31 May 2008

Thanks for that.On an oldish computer and can't afford to have programs using up the CPU.Not really interested in full time protection maybe if I ever get a decent computer I will think about it.All I want is an anti-virus program without all the frills.And if AVG updates eventually I will stay where I am.

  birdface 13:47 31 May 2008

Sorry it's my my one finger typing action thats at fault .Thanks for all the advice.

  birdface 19:37 31 May 2008

Hi Everyone.Tried the manual update tonight and it worked Ok.So looks like I have been worrying over nothing.Will now close this thread.Thank you all so much for your help.

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