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Does Avast Free still have to be re-registered?

  thumbscrew 15:08 16 Jul 2017

Can anyone tell me if Avast Free still has to be re-registered after the year is up? This used to be the case, but I can't find the way to do it this year.

  Govan1x 18:12 16 Jul 2017

It should warn you that it needs to be renewed or whatever. I did my daughters a month or so ago, But cant quite remember what it said. Something like are you the same user and you click yes and that did it.

  Govan1x 18:43 16 Jul 2017
  Govan1x 18:45 16 Jul 2017

Try again.

Click here

  thumbscrew 18:49 16 Jul 2017

Thank you govan1x, I've just found out that from now on re-registration is done by Avast automatically. I wasn't notified, but I discovered their forum and the news is on there.

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