Does anyone use NTL 128?

  Mig2 17:02 13 Mar 2003

My son is going to get 128 service from ntl, he has tv and phone already but I do not know what type of connection he will get to plug into, I have 1mb service and phone but not telly so I have a cable modem. Also I would like to know of a cheap effective wireless card/router to use with above or will ntl put the point in the right room?

  Brisixty 17:10 13 Mar 2003

Hi Mig2,

I have the NTL 128 Kb Broadband. Theres no problem
NTL provide the NTL:HOME Broadband Internet Modem
and connect all the cables on installation. They put the Connection point where you want it.
Hope this helps. Have a nice day.


Brisixty, :D

  Mig2 17:17 13 Mar 2003

Thanx for the reply, much quicker than customer services :)

  Wak 19:33 13 Mar 2003

Hi Mig2, Like your son, I have the ntl TV and phone and when the engineers arrive to install the 128k they will use the modem already available in the set top box.
They then run /install a cable from the set top box to wherever you want to site your computer and will connect it via either the usb or the ethernet connector, depending what you want or whatever is available.
The ethernet connect is recommended and is assumed to be a little bit faster and more stable than the usb.

  paranomia 10:15 14 Mar 2003

I have been using the 128k for nearly a year, they sent me a cable and disk through the post as I said I didn't need a visit - plugged into the tv box and into a £4.50 nic - 10 mins later I was surfing... (at 3 in the morning I get nearly 1 meg so I won't bother upgrading!)

  Rogerfredo 10:24 14 Mar 2003

I also had NTL digital TV and phone, and recently went for the 128 broadband. NTL delivered and installed a cable modem in my "study" (which was upstairs and about 10 metres from the outside connection box).
I had to connect to the PC however, as they are "not allowed " to interfere with your equipment. The modem came with both an ethernet connection cable and a USB cable.
NTL recommended the USB for ease of connection, but both methods are covered by the CD ROM supplied. I have had no probs with the service and would recommend it.(Leics. area)

  Wak 11:42 14 Mar 2003

I think it must depend upon the area where you live and the quality/competence of the engineers who work for ntl as the engineers in this area (Oldham) install the cable, connect your Computer, set it up with passwords etc and leave it in a fully working condition ready for you to surf straight away.
The only restriction they mentioned to me was that they are not allowed to put the cable under the carpet because of the nailed carpet strips but they will lay the cable on top of the carpet and let you hide it providing you sign to accept the responsibility for doing so.

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