does anyone use Mail Washer

  bumpkin 19:25 15 Dec 2016

Since having to reinstal Thunderbird I now need a spam filter again. Tried Mail Washer which sounds good but does not seem to do anything at all apart from put an icon on the screen which does nothing when clicked. Any suggestions on this or other filters please.

  tullie 20:12 15 Dec 2016

Suggest you open Mailwasher then click on help.

  Burn-it 21:31 15 Dec 2016

The point of Mailwasher is that you can view and check emails for nasties BEFORE you download them from the server. This means that any included and attached nasties do not get to your machine. You can delete them from the server. It tells you all this in the write up.

  Govan1x 10:12 21 Dec 2016

Here is your chance to try Mailwasher pro for 1 year. I have just installed it on my computer so can confirm that it does work.

Just follow the licence to download it then follow the keycode one to get that.

it would not except my keycode so shut down Mailwasher and started it up again and it accepted the licence straight away.

Click here

  bumpkin 12:12 21 Dec 2016

Thanks, handy link.

  audeal 20:47 21 Dec 2016

Hi Bumpkin: I stopped using Mailwasher a few years ago and now use "Pop Peeper" which I find very good.

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