Does anyone use Freepops

  octal 19:36 22 May 2005

to access Hotmail using their favourite email mail client, e.g. Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc.?

If you do, I think access has been blocked using this method of collecting emails. I've tried three email clients and they are all give this error: click here

If you can let me know if you are getting the same please.

  dan11 21:13 22 May 2005

Not using but will bump for you. :-)

  octal 21:32 22 May 2005

Thanks dan11, I appreciate that.

crx1600, unfortunately I haven't got Outlook Express on my system, so I use Freepops to access Hotmail. I used to be able to access my old through OE when I had it, but my is fairly new and I have to use the hotmail site, hence the use of Freepops but it ain't working at least not for me, unless someone tells me different.

  octal 22:14 22 May 2005

Yes, just about a minute ago and it went straight in, no problem and no displayed letters to type.

  octal 06:47 23 May 2005

I didn't know they had a forum, I'll keep and eye on it.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:37 23 May 2005

I used with Thunderbird for a few months and had no problem; now back with Becky! mailer and that has its own plugin which works fine.

I've just tried with Freepops on Thunderbird and seems fine still.

  octal 08:44 23 May 2005

Thanks, there is a problem with the hotmail.lua file, it seems to be fixed, but still can't get it working in Linux at the moment even with the new one.

I can't seem to load the new version of Freepops at the moment, the Debian file won't load, so this might be part of the problem. It looks like the Hotmail site seems to be OK. I'll just have to be patient until the updated Debian release.

I'll tick for now, thanks for the help.

  octal 18:24 23 May 2005

In case someone's interested, I've got it working.

Download the latest version of Freepops, then download the latest version of hotmail.lua and follow the instructions where to place it, it will overwrite the old one.

It seems like Hotmail have changed their sign in procedure slightly which necessitated changing the script in the lua file.

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