Does anyone remember this old PC Game????

  wilf3102 11:16 16 Oct 2004

Hi there,

Im racking my brain thinking of the title of an old pc game I used to play at school.

It is an Educational type game, where I think, you have to guide a laser beam around different levels to ignite bombs, by using mirrors, conveyor belts, even frogs and chickens.

I cant remember the title at all - if anyone can decipher my vague description of it.

Many thanks,

  end 11:29 16 Oct 2004

no, but like the sound of it so am adding it to my postings to keep track of it::))

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:32 16 Oct 2004

Can remember the laser beams and bombs, can't remember the frogs and chickens or the name of the game:0(

Wasn't it avaiable late windows 3.1 early win95?

  wilf3102 11:21 17 Oct 2004

I think it was available on early OS's - I remember playing it on an old 'Apple' machine in 1997.

There were many of these levels with different objects.

Such as Wind machines to blow objects, balloons to pop with the laser, and many other things.

i do hope someone remembers this title, as its driving me nuts!!

Can anyone suggest a good website where these type of games could be found. I have tried searching for 'Classic Games', but all I can find is Tetris and other popular classic games.

  Sturmey 14:45 17 Oct 2004

Manic Miner click here

  Steve- 14:50 17 Oct 2004

Their was a game called Prof Tim's Incredible Machines or something like that which was similar see click here

  joesoaps 15:00 17 Oct 2004

Similar game on Commodore 64 called Deflector which had a sequel but can't remember it's name I'm afraid.

  Starfox 15:12 17 Oct 2004

Think this could be what you're looking for click here


  wilf3102 17:34 17 Oct 2004

Thanks for your suggestions on this illusive title. But this wasnt a C64 game.

It was a game that i played on an old Apple machine.

If anyone has any links to possible websites that may list loads of games, that would be fantastic!!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:43 17 Oct 2004
  dan 11 17:49 17 Oct 2004

Glider pro from click here now freeware.

Mac games galore, scan the archives at mac- the underdogs click here

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