Does anyone recognise this error

  alcudia 16:15 08 Sep 2003

I'm getting at blue screen on a Win98 machine with the message "An error has occurred 0028:C00ID376 in VxD NDIS (01) + 00005802 this was called from 0028:C001C3D4 in VxD NDIS (01) + 00004860."
I have trawled the Knowledge Base. Plenty beginning 0028, but nothing specific to this. Must be something to do with network driver interface, but I have run out of ideas.
Any help gratefully received.
This machine is used primarily as a proxy server for e-mail & internet.

  recap 16:27 08 Sep 2003

Google came up with the following:
click here
hope that helps?

  The PC Doctor 16:35 08 Sep 2003

VxD indicates to me that its a Virtual Device Driver problem.

NDIS may refer to a Network problem.

I would suggest removing your network card from device manager - moving to a different PCI slot and re-installing.

May not solve your problem but it's what I would try 1st.

  alcudia 16:38 08 Sep 2003

Got it, thanks. Hopefully it was a one off. If not I have a lot of work to do.
Thanks again.

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