does anyone know what computer chair this is......

  newb 15:39 28 Nov 2015

i need help, I have this computer char I have enjoyed and loved for years, sadly its ratty and needs replacing but no idea where to find one, can't even remember where I bought does anyone have the same chair? click here


  wee eddie 16:26 28 Nov 2015

Although I don't know that particular Manufacturer, it appears to be identical to several models now available on the market.

Just Google Office Chair

  newb 16:34 28 Nov 2015

I have seen many models that look very similar, I bought one.. although the one I bought is rather decent, and confy.. its not the same... the one I have now is...

click here the same, but it isn't.. I already knew it wasn't when I bought it, I thought I'd try it out.. its ok.. and decent, I've had worse, but its not the same.. the new chair has like 69 cm Back rest, my owned one is around 75 ISH...

I still have my old chair, but soon it will be chucked out


  wee eddie 20:25 28 Nov 2015

You just need to read the specification before you buy

  newb 21:09 28 Nov 2015

I did.... but you can't really tell the level of the chair etc, till you really try it...

  rdave13 21:41 28 Nov 2015

but you can't really tell the level of the chair etc, till you really try it...

and that's the secret. It's the same when you buy a monitor, go to a retailer and try the product out before you buy. Try the big retailers stores to see if any chairs are on display so you can at least try them out.

  wee eddie 22:28 28 Nov 2015

I must have been lucky because every chair I bought has been suitable and I am a meer 6' 3"

  The Kestrel 09:49 29 Nov 2015

If you have a Staples store locally try them. They usually have a large selection of office/computer chairs which you can try out before you buy.

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