Does anyone know how to stop VitalData/Breathe tak

  goldenrulegeezer 21:36 30 Jun 2003

AS a customer of WHSmithnet before it was so rudely moved to Breathe/Vitaldata , I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problems that we encountered ie. money paid to what was WHSmithnet was taken out as a card payment , and not as a direct debit, which seems to be a bit of a cheek. The cheekiest thing of all is that money was taken by AffinityInternet 5 days ahead of the previous months payment expiring , but 1 day before WHSmithnet ceased to be.

  Falkyrn 21:48 30 Jun 2003

If unhappy with any transactions on your bank account / credit card you should submit a formal complaint (in writing) to the bank/issuing company.

What reaction you get will depend on a number of factors not least the general attitude of the bank and primarily the type of agreement you signed.

  goldenrulegeezer 21:54 30 Jun 2003

The standard "sign-up" provided by Whsmithnet when you connect with them. Tried the Bank , no reply as yet

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