Does anyone know how to copy iTunes to hard drive?

  Housten 14:48 08 Nov 2017

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

I have an iPod, for my sins!! I bought it about 6 years or so ago, took it on holiday with me just after and thought I had left it there. So I was surprised when I found it a few months ago, charged it and it worked. So I recently decided to add some more CDs to it; and then found out I couldn't get iTunes to work. Then I found out I could download the programme from the AppleUK site. Having done that I decided to install a CD to see if I could work the programme. So I imported the CD on to my computer, then sync'd it with my iPod. However I was horrified to find out that ALL my existing tunes were immediately wiped out, and so I had to re-install every CD. I thought about this and decided that this was not something I wanted to do, and so I thought that if I transferred the iTunes on my computer on to my external hard drive I could then put them back on to any new iPod I might have to buy. Hopefully this will not be for some years but I realise I will have to prepare for this eventuality, but I can not find where my CDs are stored!!! So what I would like to know is : Can iTunes be copied to an external hard drive? and if the answer is 'Yes' does anyone know the folder/sub-folder/sub-sub-folder [ or wherever ] where Apple stores my CDs?

All replies will be very greatly received. Many, many thanks to anyone who replies

  difarn 15:01 08 Nov 2017

Have a read through this article and work your way through the steps.

click here I be so bold as to ask why, in this day and age, you address your post to Gentlemen? )


  Jasper33 16:51 09 Nov 2017

I had a similar problem recently when I bought my partner a new iPod Touch to replace a failing 2008 iPod. We also had a new iMac replacement for an old one and multiple iTunes libraries seemed scattered all over the hard drive. I tried working through the steps recommended by Apple but, with scattered libraries and old (purchased) CDs, loading the new iPod Touch with the music from the old iPod turned into a bit of a nightmare.

In desperation, I paid for TouchCopy (there are other apps available), which did what it claimed. All my partner's music files ended up being copied to the correct location in iTunes and I was able to sync the consolidated library using iTunes. You can back up the files to an external drive at the same time.

  Housten 16:18 03 Dec 2017

Good Afternoon, Jasper33

Many thanks for your very kind reply, the last sentence was a clincher for me. I will certainly check the programme out.

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