Does anyone know how to convert an .m4b file to mp3?

  buel 19:11 24 Jan 2013

Hi all, Please can someone help me with converting an .m4b file to mp3 so I can listen to it on my mp3 player?

Thank you in advance.

  xox101 19:16 24 Jan 2013

Format Factory will do it. Google the name for download page.

  john bunyan 19:28 24 Jan 2013

If you have iTunes , the new version 11 allows you to convert their m4p files to mp3. Create a column "Kind" then sort by m4p and create mp3 versions. The old way was to burn iTunes about 20 at time to a CD and re - import as mp3 in iTunes.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:35 24 Jan 2013

VLC player will also do it but the file will be twice the size when converted.

  buel 19:35 24 Jan 2013

Hi there, Im afraid I don't have itunes. I've just downloaded and used FF and the original m4b file was over 5 hours and the FF version is mp3 but only 59 minutes long? More importantly, it just plays as a high frequesncy screetch sound?

  SillBill 19:35 24 Jan 2013

Think Freemake will do it as well >

  buel 19:37 24 Jan 2013

Hi Fruit bat, It wont even play with VLC? No audio at all?

  lotvic 22:33 24 Jan 2013

I think I used this free one last year,

must have been that one as don't seem to have any others in Download folder.

  buel 08:04 26 Jan 2013

Thanks for that but it will not work. It seems to suggest it is because the M4B file is copyprotected?

  lotvic 13:13 26 Jan 2013

You better google that then, not allowed to say on here.

  buel 14:55 26 Jan 2013

Really? That's a shame because I won the file, I bought it from itunes. Damn it!

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