Does anyone know about Skype

  bumpkin 16:28 06 Apr 2014

Hi all, I have never used Skype before and was only give a 3 minute lesson by my daughter before she went on holiday. If she calls me I can see and hear her but she can't see me just hear. If I call her it seems to work OK. I am told to turn on the camera but there is no option to do this, not on the screen anyway.

I am using an Android tablet, am I missing something in the settings perhaps.

  thumbscrew 16:44 06 Apr 2014

Tap "Video Call", or the camera icon.

  Jollyjohn 16:44 06 Apr 2014

On my screen there is an icon to turn video on or off. Best described as a hot water bottle on it's side, with a red line through it. Tap on this and video should work.

  bumpkin 17:29 06 Apr 2014

Thanks, If I call her then fine, I realise about the camera icon. If she calls me and I answer there is no camera icon on my screen nor can she see me or is this something her end?

  bumpkin 09:15 07 Apr 2014

It is called an Ainol Novo10 Hero. As I say it works OK if I call her.

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