Does anyone here use "Ability Database"?...

  Simsy 22:46 29 Oct 2003

I do... and I've got a little problem... I'm trying to create a simple form and include an image... unsuccessfully.

Anyone here use Ability Database?

If you do please say so and I'll detail the problem.

(The support have been very helpful, but I think I've exhausted them!)



  Simsy 21:38 30 Oct 2003

Even if you can't help it would be interesting to know if there is anyone else out there using this prog....

I see Ability Office is the default bundled office suite in many instances now...

Anyone using it?



  zanwalk 22:44 30 Oct 2003

Not yet using it Simsy, but hoping to do so in the very near future.

I'm afraid I can't help with your problem though.

  wee eddie 22:50 30 Oct 2003

I got it when I upgraded from the BBC to the Apricot.

It's on 5.5 inch disks.

The database was good, probably still is.

I got blackmailed into Office Pro so that I could do something or other. For me Office is total overkill.

The form will be easy enough. I can only think that you could add the picture as a background.

To get your Picture into the right place you will have to pre figure the background, with the photo in the correct positiojn rather than making the photo itself, the background.

  Simsy 07:29 31 Oct 2003

The situation is this.... I have a fully registered copy, just the database prog. (I have MS Office 200 SBE which doesn't include Access)

It is the latest version, build 3.0.034

The database I am working on at the moment is currently an exercise, because I want to make sure I can achieve what I want before getting deeper into it...

It is a single table with 2 fields "Description", which has a data type of "character", and "Image" which has a character type of "OLE object"

I have created a form with which to input/view data/records. What I'm trying to achieve is that in form view the image itself will be shown. The information I have from Ability is that this is possible. (In fact when using the wizzard to create the form it clearly shows an image displayed).

The problem I'm having is that I keep getting just an icon, (for the associated image prog), displayed, instead of the image itself.

Ability tells me that the image prog that the file type, (i.e. jpg's) is associated with must be OLE capable. I was using Irfanview. (I generally do my graphics work booting into a different partition, so this "general purpose" just has basic graphic facilities installed). I don't know if Irfanview is OLE capable, but I assume that Ulead PhotoImpact7 is. I have a registered copy of this, so I install it and it almost works... but the database prog crashes when trying to insert, leaving the image open in PhotoImpact. Closing PhotoImpact at this point gives the message, "Could not update client", (or something to that effect). Reopening Database prog and file shows that the record exists, with no image at all, not even the icon for PhotoImpact. (The situation is exactly the same when using PaintShopPro7)

Ability suggested I tried using "Abilty Photopaint", but it transpires that because I have a registered copy of database, this prevents any of the other AbilityOffice components working in trial mode!

Ability have acknowledged that "OLE is unreliable" and "We hope to have improvements in the next edition"

Clicking "Details" on the error message when Abdata crashes, which needs to be done twice, seems to indicate the problem is with mfc42.dll. I have tried restoring this from Win98 CD, with no improvement.

So, just to clarify, in form view, what is displayed is the icon for Irfanview instead of the image itself.


Right... that was the situation up to last night. I have managed to make some progress. I have restore my partiton to have it was at the start, i.e. the only image editor is Irfanview. I had been trying to import jpg images, so I decided to try with .bmp images and it sort of worked...

The image does appear on the form, but as a square thumbnail, about 1cm by 1cm on screen (17" 800 x600). It always appears this size, and shape, regardless of the size/shape of the original. I have yet to report this progress to Ability.

If you do have the time to attempt this Taran I'd be most grateful. I'm confident that I'm not missing anything silly, but I'm not experienced with databases in any way, so I'll welcome any advice that comes to mind on this.

My system is Win98se, Athlon 1.1. 384M Ram. The "C" partition only has windows and apps on, is 3.5Gig in size, with just over 1 Gig used, and it really is very stable.

Thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 07:31 31 Oct 2003

paragraph 4 should say;

It is a single table with 2 fields "Description", which has a data type of "character", and "Image" which has a DATA type of "OLE object"



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