Does anyone have an idea how big rescue is?

  Housten 17:07 10 Apr 2018

Good Afternoon, Gentleman,

It has come to my attention - late I know!! - that I do not have a rescue disk. I use Macrium Reflect 7 and have decided that I should do so, as soon as possible but I am concerned as to the size it will be. I have CDs, DVDs and pen drives and I would like to know which I should use.

Many thanks for all replies.

  lotvic 17:32 10 Apr 2018

I used a 32GB USB pen drive/flash drive last time. I think that was the size I was asked to insert by the program (Dell)

I plan to make a new one after Windows 10 new update due from 10th April has been done.

  [DELETED] 17:50 10 Apr 2018

I use a CD for Macrium's recovery disk.

  [DELETED] 17:55 10 Apr 2018

P.S. and also create a new one after an update to Macrium.

  [DELETED] 17:58 10 Apr 2018

Ah.. confusion might reign here, do you mean an image, or do you mean the actual medium created by Macrium to use to access an image or repair boot if disaster occurs?

  Housten 16:07 11 Apr 2018

Good Afternoon, rdave13,

I do not know!! I have seen that a rescue media should be done and I found that I can do one from 'Create Rescue Media' on the front screen. As I have CDs, DVDs and pendrives I wanted to know how big a disc I needed when I create a rescue media. By the way would I be correct in assuming that if I have a problem then inserting the rescue medium into my computer will enable me to get my computer back and working. Although it may take some time.

  [DELETED] 16:20 11 Apr 2018

Housten , a CD has ample storage to create a rescue disk (700MB). I have about four of five of them created some different times ago on different Macrium updates.

I'm assuming you create an image backup on an external drive from time to time and if your PC gets into trouble then connecting the external drive with an image on and booting from the rescue disk will allow you to reinstall the image to get going again. The Macrium rescue disk also has tools to repair booting problems. It's very important to create this disk. I use a CD as it's easier to label and store that a USB flash drive (and I'm a skinflint) :)

  john bunyan 18:44 11 Apr 2018

I use a USB HD for the Macrium image(s) and a 32 gig USB memory stick for the rescue bit. You have to make sure that usb memory stick is plugged in when you go to create it , then there is an option to use that or a CD. I just checked and it only uses about 250 mb so a vey small memory stick would do.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:08 11 Apr 2018

I use a CD as rescue media and create images to an external HDD

If Macrium is updated be sure to make a new Rescue media as stated previously or you cannot retrieve the later images,

  Housten 12:29 12 Apr 2018

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

Thank you for all the replies. I will now have to consider what to do!! As I said I have CDs, DVDs and pen drives, but I am not sure if I have a small enough pendrive to use for Recovery. As I have far more CDs than DVDs I am inclining to that option. Thank you all I am very grateful for your replies and provided information, these have all been a great help.

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