Does Anyone Have the Answer to this?

  Confab 21:38 23 May 2004

This is undoubtedly the biggest problem I have ever experienced since I became interested in computers about 20 years ago. I hope someone can resolve it for me but I just don't think anyone can.

I have had my existing PC for about 7 years and it's getting past its prime. Its a PIII 450MHZ running Win 98 (not SE). Although it's served me very well and I will miss the old girl I want to upgrade to an all singing all dancing machine, something like this click here

Now the problem I have is this - How on earth to I convince the other half that it's something worth spending £700.00 on? I'm sure lots of guys and girls out there have been in this situation before and I want to know how you did it.

This really is a genuine problem and I will definitely try out the best response.


Confab ;-)

  Gaz 25 21:42 23 May 2004

Umm, just tell them Internet Shopping is cheaper and you need a fast PC to get the deals that sell quickly. LOL

Always works.

  VoG II 21:44 23 May 2004

If you have children of school age then they need a decent computer. Partly for schoolwork; mostly due to peer pressure.

  Mikè 21:45 23 May 2004

Send her on a computer for beginners course, and give her the old one to learn on. then she'll want to spend so much time on it, that a second will be needed.

  Gaz 25 21:45 23 May 2004


Another good one.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:49 23 May 2004

I tend to find that careful preparation is the key. If you come straight out with it - you can kiss it goodbye.

Best to drip feed the shortcomings of the current setup (inability to play the latest games or software - impending ending of support for win98 etc) and let it be her suggestion that you need a new setup.

Then start the potential shopping list with something modest - and point out what it won't do or what is just around the corner and keep uping the anti until you're where you want to be.

The best thing will be that it will seem all her idea.

Well it works for me.

ps don't rush it - it takes anything up to a month or longer but the specs are getting better so no problem there.

Good luck

  gudgulf 21:49 23 May 2004

Looks good------now how to justify a replacement?

Try reducing your virtual memory to zero---if this dosen't cause it to crash continually it will certainly make it run at a snails pace.

Start banging on about the problem that you have caused and pointing out that these things don't last forever and maybe it is a good idea to invest in a replacement so that you can be dure to have it all set up and ready to take over pc duties when the other one fails.

If this does not work wait whilst she goes out and unplug the ide cable from the hard drive--won't work then--so needs replacing as impossible to find replacements for obsolete components.(also do this after buying new machine---just to prove a point)

Good luck,lol

  Mikè 21:50 23 May 2004

Of course this will work with a non female person just as well, you don't say which you're talking about.

  Mo H 21:51 23 May 2004

She probably upgrades her wardrobe and shoes more often than necessary so tell her now it is neccessary for you to upgrade your PC!! I argued that the cost over dresses for functions, shoes, matching handbags and the makeup over the years justified me upgrading the PC. Worked a treat and also networked the old one for her to ebay on !!!!!!

  Confab 21:55 23 May 2004

She's definately female. At the risk of sounding sexist I'm not 100% sure I'd have this probelm if she was a man!!

Keep the replies coming I'm almost feeling like it's mine already.

  sattman 21:58 23 May 2004

Well now I guess its pay back time, if you have been fair with you good lady and not kept her short you will not have problem, But if you have been a tight fisted git full of excuses as to why she (the house) should not have this or that then you got a problem justifying any new toys

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