does anyone

  ronalddonald 12:10 08 Jul 2008

use an office program that is not by microsoft and one that is far more cheaper and easy to use.

and any idea where i can purchase the office program software.

Thank you all for your kind help..

  ronalddonald 12:11 08 Jul 2008

sorry im using windows xp home

  oldbeefer2 12:12 08 Jul 2008

Open Office click here is free, compatible with MS and seems very popular.

  woodchip 12:14 08 Jul 2008

I use Coral WordPerfect 8 on four computers

  kalignorgna 12:51 08 Jul 2008

open office click here is by far the best free office site and like oldbeefer2 says is compatable to MS office it is very easy to use and very good software all round of course is u like MS office u can download the trail and get a crack aswell, google also does a office suite but unsrue as to price and how good it is.

  [email protected] 12:56 08 Jul 2008

If you have any students living at home then you can get Microsoft Office 2007 very cheap click here.

Otherwise, I recommend Open Office as a very good alternative. Make sure you save the files in Microsoft Office format though if you wish to open them on a computer with Microsoft's software.

  john bunyan 13:00 08 Jul 2008

I still use Lotus - can be picked up for pence.

  woodchip 16:54 08 Jul 2008

Problem is Lotus files are not compatible with other Office suites. Its best if sending a File to save in Rich Text Format

  john bunyan 18:51 08 Jul 2008

woodchip. Agreed but same applies to most suites - best to use RTF if sending text files to another. My lotus 123 opens Excel files ok and I am so used to the classic version and its macros I cannot face the learning curve of a switch! Also I can link 123 to Freelance (I think a bit like Powerpoint?) Maybe I'll face a change one day, but have used lotus for over 15 years !

  woodchip 21:28 08 Jul 2008

I am the same With WordPerfect I started with Novel Version as my first

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