Does anybody know of........

  The Teacher 12:25 23 Oct 2003

...A company near Retford, Nottinghamshire, that sells HP printers (possibly other makes as well) cheap?

We had a supply teacher in last week who mentioned this place but he did not know the name of the company. He was going to find out from his friend the name etc., and let us know. Unfortunately he could not get in touch with his friend whilst at school and he has not been back since!

Apparently this place does not advertise and the printers are those returned by companies such as Dixons, Curries etc., when someone buys part of a bundled machine.

They are, apparently, so cheap that this guys friend DOES NOT buy cartridges when the ink runs out, he just goes and buys a new printer!!

Any information on this company would be very useful. It WILL get some custom!

The Teacher

  PA28 14:31 23 Oct 2003

Watch out for the updating of their stock list ..... last update April???? There's infortunately a lot of web sites like this at the moment. If their business isn't mainstream via the net, it seemed like a good idea at the time........

  The Teacher 22:43 23 Oct 2003

Sorry stlucia, it is not them. The place is in Retford, which is in Nottinghamshire.

Ta anyway.

PA28 I do not think they have a website, it is a word of mouth type place but apparently very, very good £15-£20 for a brand new basic hp printer!

  The Teacher 23:46 24 Oct 2003

I haven't got the faintest idea Smegs. All we know is as posted above. I was hoping that there would be a user on here from Retford or the area that would know of the place.

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