Does any one loose Word fonts like I do ?

  cws022 15:39 12 May 2003

I use Windows 2000 but, this has happened in Windows 98 also.
Every now and then I loose Word fonts and don't know how to get them back into Word even though they show in the Fonts directory.
I know that Microsoft has changed things so that the fonts available in Word are associated with the fonts available for the default printer but, I have been working on invitation cards and was using Cataneo BT when I had to reinstall the OS. Everything went back on okay with no software installation problems and Office was reinstalled as was the printer I was using at the time which was an Epson C20UX. Not a brilliant printer but, was doing the job.
I have since replaced the printer for an Epson C62 but, still can't get the Cataneo BT to appear as an option in Word.
Does any one have any ideas - I am using Word 97 which I have checked at work and it has Cataneo BT there although a HP Lassrjet 5P is the default printer. Thanks.

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