does any one know any..

  Phildo 01:47 08 Dec 2003

does any one know any good mp3 tools cos i have lots of mp3's but i want to have a good tool for them any one help me please

  ton 01:53 08 Dec 2003

What sort of tool do you need? what do you want to do with your mp3's?

  Phildo 01:56 08 Dec 2003

well the kind of tool i want is one were i can have a libiry with all my songs and i want to be able to controll and eddit the mp3s sound like make the people sound like chipmokes and have deep voices and stuff and i want to be able to burn my mp3s to disk any i dears

  Giggle n' Bits 02:07 08 Dec 2003

There is a cover CD called MP3 Toolkit.

  ton 02:07 08 Dec 2003

If you have CD burning software, you can use that for burning mp3's to CD.

If you want them to stay as mp3's (small files) then you burn them as data.

If you want to play them on an ordinary CD player then you burn them as audio (large files).

For editing the sounds you can download a trial of Goldwave from click here
This can do a lot of what you want but maybe someone else can think of another prog. for this.

  PurplePenny 02:08 08 Dec 2003

The last issue (#101) of PC Advisor had some MP3 freebies. You can order a back issue from this very site.


  Phildo 02:11 08 Dec 2003

i got that issu and i did not like the mp3 tools that is why i am askin if any one knows if there are any good tools out there

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