Does any one have metal door frames?

  mysterious_543 20:35 19 Mar 2004

Im getting broadband soon and have got 2 pcs. one downstairs one upstairs. I will have broadband installed downstairs but would like to network them wirelessly.

I also have metal doorframes in my house and I would like to know if it will hinder the performance of a wireless network.

  LastChip 20:40 19 Mar 2004

Seriously though, if we are not talking about a mansion, it will have a very marginal effect, that I doubt you would notice.

Careful placing of the access point would alleviate most any problems.

  mysterious_543 20:43 19 Mar 2004

no its just a house.
where would be a good place to position the access point?

  LastChip 20:57 19 Mar 2004

The ideal way to position an access point is by a survey. This is not always possible in a home environment, but is really trial and error.

You setup the access point and then use a laptop to check signal strength throughout the building. When you find a weak signal area, if it's critical, you would move the access point (or install a second at a large site) and recheck.

Just keep in mind where you will be using the machines mainly and that a "line of sight" is required, just like any other radio frequency. The less you have in the way, the better, so mounting high on a shelf or top of a cabinet for example, may provide a good result. The more you can get it toward the center of the coverage area, generally the better, but there may be other considerations that prevent this. Often at home, nothing is perfect in this sense, but the coverage is normally more than adequate, to counter any problems.

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