Dodgy registry entry???

  Zion_Lion 19:12 05 May 2004

Hi all... running XPpro and have just noticed that when I click on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder in the registry, as well as the Default value I also have a value called:
InstallPath REG_SZ c:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32x86\6
Dont remember this value being there a few months ago and the only thing that I have recently is a game (Battlefield Vietnam). I will say that my brouser got hijacked and I had to get rid of some nasties with HJT, So not sure if this value should be there.
Do you think it would be safe to delete this value.
Any advice plz
Regards ZL

  Dan the Confused 22:05 05 May 2004

Download Ad-Aware from click here and Spybot S&D from click here

Update them and run them.

If the registry entry is still there after then it is probably safe and best to leave it.

  Zion_Lion 02:29 06 May 2004

I currently run McAfee, spybot, spyware blaster, CWshredder and I use HJT.
It's just puzzled me as to what has put this value there, all the other XP machines I have looked at do not have this value in there HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder and neither did I and since I have not made any system changes I am at a loss. Didn't know if it was the left over of a nasty, do u know of any program that puts the said value in the main HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registy folder.
Regards ZL

  Dan the Confused 04:12 06 May 2004

I've researched it and it could be for any number of things, all of which are harmless. It's not a virus or adware or anything so my advice would be to leave it.

It may or may not be required by your system, and running a registry cleaner would be the safest way to remove it (if it needs removing).

Alternatively, you could save the registry and delete the entry and see if the system runs ok - if it doesn't you could then restore the registry.

But in my opinion, leave it and forget about it.

  Zion_Lion 12:55 06 May 2004

Ok thanks m8, I will leave alone.

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