Dodgy Display!

  Hooshmu 17:56 04 Apr 2003

Help needed!
Whenever I boot up my pc (from cold) I notice that my screen size (horizontal & vertical) shifts, causing me to resize the display via the monitors OSD. This also happens when the monitor comes out of standby/power down mode.

I originally thought it was a power reg / signal problem with the monitor but it has been changed twice, so I think that the graphics card is causing this fault. Any ideas?

My spec is as follows:
OS: Win 98 SE
Monitor: NEC MultiSync FE750+
VGA Card: Hercules 3D Phrophet2MX (Geforce 2 MX, 32MB, SDR)

  recap 18:22 04 Apr 2003

Can you try another monitor Hooshmu? If you can and the same happens then I would say it is your graphics card.

  Hooshmu 00:37 05 Apr 2003

Hello recap, I have tried 2 diff monitors since I bought the pc back in Oct 2000! These being a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 720, which was replaced with another one due to this problem, then the second Mitsubishi was replaced with an equivalent NEC MultiSync FE750+ (which is what I have at the mo). However, I've not tried any non NEC/Mitsubishi monitor.

So i suspect the graphics card. Any idea why this might be happening, as applications, games etc run ok otherwise.

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