Documents Folder Empty!!!!!!

  andywg 12:49 13 Jan 2010

Hi everyone, have a major panic on, went to the documents folder on my pc this morning and everything that was in it has gone!

Folders, files, the lot, did sys restore, did not help, searched for various files, nothing, checked propeties of the documents, nothing there, not hidden etc..

Every other folder's contents are still there (pics, music etc), thats the weird thing, All I did this morning was install 3 updates from windows, but restored it to before then and still the documents folder is empty!

I really could do with some advice here on how to get the files back,

Am off out for a bit now but will be back in a bit so any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated...

Am running vista home premium

Thanks again,


  Sea Urchin 13:10 13 Jan 2010

The content is probably still there but has become hidden. This link explains how you can verify this and unhide them

click here

  andywg 16:24 13 Jan 2010

Hi again, thanks for the reply, tried it but alsa its still the same, nothing there!

What ever has happened, I just don't understand this one...

Any ideas?

Thanks again,


  Diemmess 16:39 13 Jan 2010

...have you tried Search with just the name of a remembered file and select "show hidden and secret files"

You could also try as above, but use *.doc instead of a named file.

  andywg 16:49 13 Jan 2010

Hi, thanks for the ideas, but did try searching earlier and just now but did not find anything, not even one of the missing files...

Thanks anyway...

  awest3 17:06 13 Jan 2010

Can't imagine how but have you tried the recycle bin..?

  awest3 17:13 13 Jan 2010

you may want to try an 'Undelete' program to recover your files...

click here

  GaT7 17:42 13 Jan 2010

As awet3 suggests, recovery programs are worth a try. Couple more click here & click here.

Did you not backup your files & folders? Well, from the sound of your posts I would assume no?

For this reason I never store important data files on the system partition, but on a second drive & have a backup of that as well.

Recent 'backup' cries from members:

- Backup, Backup, Backup (by Input Overload) click here
- Backups for Skinflints (by woodchip) click here
- Please Back Up (by bremner) click here

And some you may remember €dstowe's regular pleas for the same - a sample: Please Read this even though it may be Boring click here. G

  andywg 18:04 13 Jan 2010

Thanks for your replies, I did back up but not since Xmas, but thats my own stupid fault!

Am now trying some recovery progs, will let you know how they go.

Just such a mystery this one :-(

Will also check the links out as well,

Thanks to all who have helped out

Kepp adding if you wish..


  palinka 18:20 13 Jan 2010

Assuming it's all still there (somewhere)as you are using Vista you could use a feature of Vista to look for any missing files.
click on Start and then type into the box anything you remember from one of the files - maybe the name of the file; maybe a bit of text - (so it might be "letters to members" or "Dear Fred"; or "we've cancelled the meeting") then wait a few seconds and Vista will list everything that fits that "description". You can then either open that file or get Vista to open the location of that file.

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