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  foxman318 10:31 16 Mar 2006

I have discovered a couple of floppy disk's in my drawer that have files written from a word writing prog I had in the mid 90's. For the life of me I cannot remember the prog. All I can say is the icon is a sheet of A4 paper, top right corner folded over, letter "A" in bottom left corner with the business end of a fountain pen touching the "A". The file extention is "write document". It would also appear they are password protected so current MS Office Word cannot convert. Can anyone suggest the prog itself with link if poss (no sure it will work on current spec system tho) or a good document converstion prog with link if poss. Many thanks to anyone who can help....Fox

  foxman318 12:04 16 Mar 2006

These files may have old ms word or wordperfect extensions but I can't be sure. Anyone in the know. TIA...........Fox

  pj123 12:43 16 Mar 2006

According to your Icon description they look like Wordpad documents to me.

You should have Wordpad on your computer, look in C:\Windows for "write.exe" and double click it and give it a try. Obviously, if they are password protected you may not be able to open them anyway (unless you know the password)?

  foxman318 13:54 16 Mar 2006

Tried wordpad and comes out looking like hieroglyphics. Tried current word prog which said "cannot convert password protected documents". I think I may have a problem with any document convertor because of the password (which I remember).....Wordpad doesn't password protect so don't think it was that anyway. So I am back looking for the original prog which made the docs in the first place circa 1993-1997.......

  ShalafiStudios 14:01 16 Mar 2006

Would it be possible for you to take a screenshot of the icon and either e-mail me or uploading the item to some webspace and placing a hyperlink. I may be able to find the program as I have a lot of different Word Processors from years ago.

On that thought, it could be word perfect...

  foxman318 14:09 16 Mar 2006

Because the files are password protected, this I believe is what makes them look like hieroglyphics in wordpad and notepad. Word has the facility to convert from previous formats (these files are only visible when "windows write" or "recover text from any file is selected" but can't convert because of the password issue.

  pj123 14:14 16 Mar 2006

Did you ever have Clarisworks in the past? I think that may have had an Icon similar to the one you describe as well.

  foxman318 14:16 16 Mar 2006

will look into that ShalafiStudios...and thanks.
With regard to word conversion...what I also meant was..with "recover text from any file is selected" its hieroglyphics..with "windows write" "cannot convert password protected documents" I think logically what ever created a "write document" back in the middle 90's is the prog I am looking for...only this will allow me to un-password these documents which begs another question..will that prog work with xp home???

  pj123 14:18 16 Mar 2006

Just checked out everything to do with Wordprocessing on my computer. Found MS Works also has that Icon. Do you have MS Works?

If not, you could email me one of the documents you have (along with the password) and I will try it for you.

  he who knows 14:22 16 Mar 2006

you can buy a conversion program but there are probably other ways click here

  foxman318 14:42 16 Mar 2006

""Just checked out everything to do with Wordprocessing on my computer. Found MS Works also has that Icon. Do you have MS Works?""

I think my laptop at home has MS Works..will check it out....thanks

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