docterdee 13:18 19 Jul 2013

my windows can't open after i upgraded&installed the wrong driver of my qraphics me how to fix my pc.

what is spam?

  Nontek 13:52 19 Jul 2013

See if it will start in Safe Mode - usually means pressing F8 repeatedly on start-up.

If you can get it started, do a System Restore (while still in Safe Mode), back to before your installed the wrong driver.

Spam is dodgy software trying to get you to buy it, very much frowned upon in these forums. Anything you think is spam should be deleted.

You might sometimes get a spam message when trying to Post on these PCA forums, this is because the forums have an automatic spam-guard system and something you might say in your post may trigger the spam warning. If this happens, just re-word what it is you are trying to Post.

  Nontek 21:06 19 Jul 2013

Duplicate thread.

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