Docking Forms to the screen edge

  The Operating System King 12:25 13 Jan 2004


I am having a play wiht visual basic. I want to make a form that I can drag to the edge of the screen and it 'dock' so that everyt other windows maximises around it and it stays visible. I am probably not explaining this well! I want a bar down the screen edge that stays there so I can put tools I use alot on it, but I odnt want other windows to cover it up when they are maximised BUT i dont want the toolbar to cover them up, I want the applications to maximise around the toolbar. Any ideas?

  tafoody 12:43 13 Jan 2004

why not just create a new toolbar,and drag off the left of screen,always on top.

  The Operating System King 12:44 13 Jan 2004

I'm sorry I dont understand

  tafoody 12:47 13 Jan 2004

right click on your bottom toolbar.

select toolbars\new toolbar.

click on,'make new folder' and give it a name, click OK.

now this new toolbar appears at bottom of screen, grab it and pull it over and drop it off the left of the screen, a new toolbar should appear.

  The Operating System King 12:49 13 Jan 2004

Thats ok, but I want to make one in Visual Basic, with forms etc.

  tafoody 12:49 13 Jan 2004

making sure toolbars are not locked, on the first right-click.

  The Operating System King 12:51 13 Jan 2004

I want to make an application in Visual Basic that will stick to the left side of the screen and allow me to put things on it, I was wondering if anyone knew any code that would make the form stick to the left edge and reduce the screen area so other applications dont maximise over it.

  The Operating System King 15:39 13 Jan 2004

nevermind, solved it myself

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