DOC file how do I read it

  golfpro 08:22 04 Jul 2007

I have received a DOC file from a business contact as an attachment to an email this morning. I have tried opening this in Open Office but it won't open the full document just a few characters at the top. How do I read this document.
The file came through as a Word document, but normally Open Office will read these OK.

  mgmcc 08:28 04 Jul 2007

Is it definitely a DOC file and not a DOCX file, which is the default format for Word 2007?

Can your contact re-save the file as an RTF file and send that instead?

  Abi-Moore 08:33 04 Jul 2007

doc viewer
click here
or google docs
click here=

  golfpro 09:26 04 Jul 2007

It's definitely a doc file but I still can't read it even using the download that Abi-Moore sent. So I will have to get in touch with my client and ask them to send it another format.

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