Do You Want to Allow Microsoft Works Update Detect

  SABRE 08:27 24 Nov 2003

Keep receiving the above message through Zone Alarm. Any ideas what I should do?

  AubreyS 08:32 24 Nov 2003

Is this of any use to you?

click here

  SABRE 09:07 24 Nov 2003

It would seem that by enabling the update, I could also be susceptible to a virus attack. Is it best not to allow?

  AubreyS 09:17 24 Nov 2003

If it was me, I wouldn't allow.

  bremner 09:23 24 Nov 2003

This no different than having your Anti Virus / Windows XP etc automatically look for updates.

The best advice as always is ensure your AV is up to date.

  SABRE 09:46 24 Nov 2003

....are you saying that you would allow? This is where I find, as I am sure plenty of others do, things like ZoneAlarm so confusing. One party says bar, other parties say allow. Think I will stick to the safe bet and not allow.
I do have Norton fully up to date.
Thanks good people!!

  Stuartli 11:15 24 Nov 2003

Programs that you use regularly to access the Internet can safely be enabled in ZoneAlarm.

You either have Works Update set to check on a regular basis or go to the website frequently to see if there are any; presumably you allow ZA to do this each time without making it a permanent arrangement.

That's why ZA keeps asking you if you wish to allow access.

If you have installed the security patch - if it is appropriate to your version of Works - then you will be OK.

  SABRE 11:29 24 Nov 2003

....I don't have MS Works on the PC. I do have Office XP, so I presume that it must be something linked to that.

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