Do you use Serif WebPlus 9

  spuds 13:13 15 Oct 2005

Serif keep reminding me that I should use their WebPlus 9 software programme.Their recent 'loyal customer' special offer seems to good to refuse, and I will very likely make a purchase.

Before doing so, I was wondering if anyone was using Serif WebPlus 9, and what are your thoughts of this programmes good and bad points.Is it a vast improvement on previous WebPlus programmes, as the sales literature would perhaps suggest!.

  Forum Editor 14:05 15 Oct 2005

I've never used it, but there are bound to be people who have.

  spuds 18:46 15 Oct 2005

Thanks FE.

Question recycling.

  sallyleslie 16:47 17 Oct 2005

I use it and really like it!

  spuds 11:55 21 Oct 2005

Thanks for that. Anything that is 'quirky' about the programme?.

  spuds 19:31 26 Oct 2005

Ordered and awaiting delivery, but Serif tell me that there is an even better version.

Anyone using the even better version!.

  rotormota 21:59 28 Oct 2005


I use SW9 & it has served me very well indeed.

click here


  sallyleslie 22:34 28 Oct 2005

We are all waiting for SWP10. The person on the phone may mean PagePlus11 as that has just come out but they have taken very different routes with their DTP that can do web publishing and the dedicated web plus package. Get WP9 cheap while you can and wait for the offers to come on WP10 when it arrives!

Here is the site I am working on: click here with WP9 - I really like it and my only gripe is the auto nav bars which don't always work as I wish - so I have made my own for one section!



  spuds 09:44 30 Oct 2005

Thanks for the response. Very impressed with the two websites and what WebPlus 9 can achieve for a small outlay.Regarding the suggestion of the 'better version', I was of the impression that he was suggesting a newer updated version of WebPlus 9.

The programme arrived yesterday, including WebPlus 9 Companion manual and a WebPlus 9 interactive-Learn Web Publishing cd. Also included in the package was a 4 port usb2 hub. Super value for £12.95 inclusive.

On a personal note sallyleslie,was the gentleman in the website involved in specialised dog training !.

Now to find a few hours, and see what my loyalty award can turn out.

  sallyleslie 14:13 31 Oct 2005

Spuds - that's no gentleman that's my husband!!!!

  spuds 17:50 31 Oct 2005

Whoops,Sorry--Thought I recognized him :o).

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