Do you use a download manager?

  pauldonovan 23:44 13 May 2005

Not sure if people still use these, and if so why they use them?

I haven't for a while but when downloading massive files I figure they may be useful...not sure if they offer any performance advantage also by using multiple threads or something?

Any thoguhts?

  Tubster 23:56 13 May 2005

No i don't, at least not since upgrading from dial up a long, long time ago

  anchor 08:45 14 May 2005

I use Download Express and find it most useful. It supports broken downloads; useful with large downloads even with broadband. No spy or ad-ware & free.

click here

  Stuartli 08:52 14 May 2005

I've used FreshDownload for several years - very effective, will resume or pause as required and, as anchor states with regard to Download Express, even with BB proves its worth.

No ads, banners etc. Just the basic download manager.

click here

In addition, Firefox's own download manager is equally as efficient if you use this browser.

  Indigo 1 09:32 14 May 2005

I too use Fresh Download and I like the way it keeps a record of what you downloaded, when and where it is.

  Pooke100 09:54 14 May 2005

I don't use anything, anything I download is usually small and takes about a minute or two. I keep them in one folder and after a while dump them onto a cd-r. Or if it's for someone else, I put it on a usb memory pen or floppy disk and transfer it to their PC.

  Mike D 11:54 14 May 2005

I'll put my tuppenneth in. I use Get Right. Even though BB is faster, on some sites the DL Manager speeds things up, and of course allows for resuming.


  stylehurst 13:09 14 May 2005

I also use Getright on cable BB; find it very useful to segment the d/l also if I need to interupt a d/l & resume at a later time

  maveric 13:33 14 May 2005

I use firefox's own, its great.

  maveric 13:33 14 May 2005

I use firefox's own, its great.

  Stuartli 13:50 14 May 2005

As I stated earlier, it's very similar to FreshDownload.

I save all downloaded files to an FD folder which acts as a backup. In addition, I also put useful utilities, programs and applications on to CD-Rs in multisession form to allow installation on other systems for friends and relatives.

But you need to keep a careful record as you can get a lot of small files on a CD-R.

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