Do you remeber your first time at using a computer

  powerless 19:05 01 Jun 2003

As aboove, when you sat down at your computer and turned it on (maybe it was already turned on) do you remmeber what you did?

Were you afraid you may break it if you attempted to use it?

How did you find out about the Open, close and save function? Were you taught or did you learn it yourself?

Did you have trouble pointing the mouse? Did you even know what to do with it...What about the right click, how did you know it exisited. Even the left click!

Using the keyboard for the first time took about 10 seconds to find the key you were looking for?

Copy and pasting - did you keep typing or did you eventually find out about this valuable function.

In other words what did you find the most difficult to do when you first started to use a computer?

We all have to start somewhere and i just wanted to know your first experience of using a computer.

Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/2000/XP

p.s. It does have a point this thread, research if you like.

  powerless 19:33 01 Jun 2003

"1975 BBC B, who remembers?" - I was not even born ;-)

Personal Computers and not the mainframes.

  spuds 19:45 01 Jun 2003

I remember being placed on a waiting list for Sir Clive's X81 and the much advanced Spectrum. Still not got the hang of these new fangled computer thingy's after all those years. And to cap it all I still have the above machines.I remember sending my first 'Prestel' requesting some travel catalogues, which I suppose you could say was a first on-line purchase, even though no money changed hands.

  wee eddie 20:19 01 Jun 2003

I was green with envy. My friend had an Apple which loaded from a 45 kinda thingy, and its screen was twice the size of mine.

I think that his had a 4" by 6" screen

  ton 20:34 01 Jun 2003

Sinclair Spectrum 48K. I often think back and am amazed at what they could do with so little memory.

I remember all the time spent waiting for a program to load from a cassette tape, often to fail after about five minutes. I built a cicuit to improve this from a Maplin kit.

I had a full size keyboard with the Spectum inside.

My next Computer was a 286 machine with a 40 meg. (yes megabytes)hard disk.

I think this had 3 meg. memory. Somehow it used to run Windows 3.1.

I remember often having to uninstall programs to make room for another to go on - floppy disks everywhere!

  Simsy 20:38 01 Jun 2003

but it is relatively recent years.... I've been forced to use them at work for the past 10 years or so. I got my own, at home, just over 3 years ago, (and it's still going strong.)

In the context of what you're asking the only strong memory I can recall is a great feeling of "Eureka" when the penny dropped as to what the difference was between "Save" and "Save as..."

I don't remember when it was exactly, but I do remember where it was, and I've only been in that building for 5 years it's within that timeframe.

I also remember a freind helping me in the first few days of having my own. he pointed out that a big problem newbies have is getting to terms with the language that all pc literate folk take for granted. The example he gave, which strikes me as an excellent one, is that, (using Windows, I don't know about the alternatives), if you want t turn off the computer, i.e. "STOP" it, you have to click the button that says "START". With experience it's perhaps obvious that you have to "Start" a closedown process.... but as a beginner, that isn't obvious.

I hope this helps,



  Legolas 20:59 01 Jun 2003

I got my first computer about 5 years ago it was a Viglen 100Mhz or 133 I think 32Mb RAM 1.2Gb HDD 14inch monitor crappy graphics card which had come unplaced in transit so my first task was to phone the helpline and was talked through removing the case and reseating it, and all this for £1,100.

I spent hours learning all about the things it could or could not do. It had no modem and the Internet was still in its infancy for most home users so I couln'nt even get help from there it was all trial and error.

I remember the first time a got the infamous' this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down' error message I stared at it for ages scared to use my computer but in these days you soon got used to it. Running WinXP you never see that message do I pine for it NO!!!!.

  mammak 21:19 01 Jun 2003

Well you good folks what a great thread am 42 but feel like such a baby too you all 15 month,s ago, i bought my very first comp never used one at all before then, it was win98se 63 Ram, got it home plugged it all in was i scared god i thought it would blow up, or somit, it was internet ready it said! my little one was only 4and a half then come home from nursery and said mummy go to Bob the how? get on the net mum she said ( yeh shes a wee tom boy) well did i feel a fool , thought i was lol, so after much playing about my big lass came home from collage an got me sighned on to my first isp, am a wee bit better now just bought a new pc big specs compared too my first i can cut>copy>paste. download save right click drag get into safe mode bios ect install whatever ,god have i moved on woudnt, couldnt live without my comp, dont know how i managed 40 odd years with out it

  rickf 21:31 01 Jun 2003

It was an Amstrad 9512 and the prionter made a racket when printing. I was so frightened that it would break down if I as much as touch the wrong key. It was hell for the family as I was protecting it like Fort Knox and would not let anyone near it. It was also covered all the time when not in use. How complacent I am now with my machine. Those were the days!

  mikef™ 21:42 01 Jun 2003

First computer I touched at school took a whole room to itself, we were the first school in my town to have a computer back in 72.

First one of my owmn an old Amstrad CPC464 mostly used for playing games, when it finally loaded them from the built in cassette player, then a second hand one with windows 3.1

  heidelberg 21:50 01 Jun 2003

Early 80's, BBC Model B 32k RAM with an external tape drive, and it cost over £300!

I also remember spending hours typing in listings for games that never worked, and then spending weeks trying to find the space that was in the wrong place that prevented the whole program working!

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