Do you need special hardware for a digital camera

  ivabig1 06:15 03 Sep 2003

I have just purchased the precision mini digital camera and I cant get it to work on my pc Im running win98se and Ive done everything thats meant to be done.But I keep getting messages like camera connection error or no photos in camera it is getting power from the usb its plugged into but its not working do I need certain hardware for it to work.Ive seen it work on another pc but not mine if I do need more hardware what sort of money would I be looking at spending.
thanks alex

  zinnie 07:00 03 Sep 2003

hi ivabig1
you should not need any special hardware,
however what is important is having the
correct 'driver' so that the photos can
be up-loaded.
Also sometimes using a 'usb hub' can be
a problem.

  john-232317 07:35 03 Sep 2003

like vinnie said No hardware needed, the software proggie that came with camera should work it ok, try reloading it exactly how instructions say.

  Wes Tam ;-) 08:49 03 Sep 2003

ivabig1 probably a silly question, but have you made sure your gateway software is running?

  graham√ 09:45 03 Sep 2003

The best way to load photos into your PC is with a card reader.


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