Do you need Anti Virus on a smart phone

  Border View 17:48 14 Dec 2012

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace. I've noticed amongst the available apps an AVG antivirus.

Do I need anti virus on a smart phone. I usually only use it for Whatsapp. Have not got used to searching the web prefer my desktop computer for more detailed internet browsing.

  audeal 18:14 14 Dec 2012

I baught a Smart Phone 3 weeks ago and I put AVG Antivirus on my phone, The reason being that I have the internet access on it and feel that as I can go online then I could pickup viruses, just like a desktop computer, so must be protected just like a desktop.

For your protection, I would suggest you install it.


  Border View 20:42 14 Dec 2012

Will anti-virus protect you from malware? I am ofay with desk tops and have Microsoft Security Essential plus malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Superantispyware free edition. I thought that malware could get past anti-virus.

Bit confused now. Advice needed on how to protect my smart phone which I sometimes gain access to the internet. Mainly to use Whatsapp.

  compumac 21:17 14 Dec 2012

Try Lookout. Will also locate your phone amongst other things

  compumac 21:49 14 Dec 2012

I have the paid for Version of Lookout for £19.99 per year and it covers my Galaxy S phone and Galaxy 10.1 tablet. With the GPS activated my home can establish as to where I am at any time from Lookout installed on my home PC. If it stolen or missing tghey can be located.

  spuds 23:24 14 Dec 2012

Good question from the originator, but can I add further?.

I have recently taken possession of a Vodafone 354 mobile, which apparently can be used for sending emails and a bit of internet browsing via Opera (?).

There no mention from the suppliers about using any Antiwares or security programs. Would I need them, if so, I would I download them.

Apologies for hijacking the thread.

  Border View 23:28 14 Dec 2012

Hi spuds - no you are not hi jacking the thread. Just showing the confusion. I am not sure now what I need to protect my mobile.

  Border View 15:26 15 Dec 2012

Thanks for that Woolwell. Makes for good reading.

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