polo 09:42 16 Feb 2005

I'm thinking of a new computer and like the look of the PCSPECIALIST website. Anybody have any experience of them?

  TomJerry 10:35 16 Feb 2005

silly name

  Diodorus Siculus 10:50 16 Feb 2005

Not heeding anything about their name, I would be wary of them as they don't accept credit cards.

click here

I don't like their reasoning for this, nor am I very sure about their suggestion to use a cheque issued by the credit card company. I don't know what protection this will offer.

  TomJerry 11:55 16 Feb 2005

(1) CC companies normally charge a fee, 2% typical

(2) NOT protection, this was reported by watchdog sometime ago

  Salinger 12:02 16 Feb 2005

You forgot to mention that the CC company will also charge the top rate of interest from the date the cheque is cashed.

  Kansenji 21:31 17 Feb 2005


PcSpecialists cannot be compared with Mesh or Tiny. PcSpecialists build PCs to customer specification only & I guess they are a relatively new & small company.

I bet that their service is a lot better that Mesh/Tiny & that you will speak directly to a competent person if you phone up with a problem (probably the very person who assembled your PC!).

I can't see how ANY other company can be worse than Mesh, just read the "Mesh" reviews on THIS site, such as: "big mesh woe" and "What a Mesh" .

I bet PcSpecialists would quiver in their boots if they were compared to Mesh! GIVE THEM A CHANCE (I nearly did, but bought from Kustom PCs instead).

  Jak_1 21:37 17 Feb 2005

Have a look here

click here

  polo 23:04 17 Feb 2005

I agree about MESH! My present computer is a mesh and although it worked well after it was returned after a year and was fixed. Up till then I had found that after care was nonexistent and the guarantee not worth anything. I had to go through incredible lengths to get help and it was only after sending recorded delivery letters to th Company secretary on the advice of Consumer Affairs that help was forthcoming. Maybe they've changed over the past couple of years?
I do like the look of Pcspecialist, their website is impressively helpful and prices great with great detail given about what they provide and very detailed choice. I was wondering if anyone actually had experience of them?

  JonnyTub 23:11 17 Feb 2005

It isn't that expensive to set up cc payment on a website kansenji, no need for exclamation marks and words in CAPITAL equated to shouting. I agree everyone has to start somewhere, pc specialist however should consider better payment terms as anyone who has their beans about them will give them a wide berth knowing full well how much a cc issued cheque can cost on top of the original purchase price :-(

  Kansenji 23:18 17 Feb 2005

OW! (that hurt). Point taken.

  JonnyTub 23:21 17 Feb 2005

Sorry for being brutal :-)

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