Do you have an IBMThinkPad?

  Diemmess 10:49 08 Mar 2005

Preferably a ThinkPad 3running XP Pro. You will know that Access ThinkPad is a tour of all the things to do on the beast!

Having cleared this of malware everything seems to behave now(almost), I have lost Launcher.exe so that on opening Access ThinkPad I get a pretty box saying “atp3-Can’t find Launcher.exe. Some features may not open”

Over enthusiastic cleaning is the likely cause.

Launcher is still present in one folder on the Hdisk but a link or another presence is missing.

Windows\prefetch perhaps? I would much appreciate it if you could find and tell me any paths you have where launcher is placed, or how to get this exe file back into its proper place in the registry, without restoring the factory default system.

  Diemmess 17:35 08 Mar 2005

Or is it a prestige thing. Thinkpads are not for play!

  Never again 17:51 08 Mar 2005

I'm sure that someone somewhere has your answer.

Instead of getting frustrated just type "bump" to move your question to the top of the file.

There is a users guide available on the forum which is pretty useful.

Best of luck

  Modo 18:23 08 Mar 2005

I see far more of them in America than I do here try an American forum.

I have got one it's a 380ED from 1997. We use it as a fax and voice mail server running WindowsME! It is still earning its keep.

  Diemmess 22:21 08 Mar 2005


  John-259217 04:05 09 Mar 2005

You could try downloading and re-installing the access IBM programs for the model of Thinkpad you have.

This link click here will take you to the IBM start page where you can enter the exact model, then follow the links to drivers and downloads for it.

For my T21 model I would enter the four digit type no.2647 found on the black sticker underneath the machine.

I have slackware loaded at the moment so unfortunately I can`t tell what you may have disturbed, in any case it may well be different on newer Thinkpads.

When I use windowsXP-Pro on my machine I reload all the IBM drivers for the touchpad, access thinkpad, etc from my saved downloads as the IBM site can prove a swine to find exactly what your looking for.

Good luck and appologies if you`ve already tried this approach.


  Diemmess 09:02 09 Mar 2005

Just the job! I have no time to try this until later, but you have given exactly the approach I was hoping for.... Will post after trying it.

  Chris the Ancient 12:59 09 Mar 2005

A fantastic link!

I also have a ThinkPad (just a 600) but was so gutted that I couldn't help.

But that link has now gone into my favourites.

Many thanks


  Diemmess 20:19 09 Mar 2005

Things never work out as they should. ..........The Computer had an unexpected month early 100 mile ride home, before I could get the downloaded file (all 20Mb) to install and respond.

The good news is the owner had it back without courier charges or further delay and except for this fancy help folder, it all works properly.

Also as "C the A says", click here is a great site and ThinkPad users should make a note of it

  Diemmess 20:26 09 Mar 2005

01475-555-055 General tech support is free, personal detail attention would involve a charge.

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