do you have d link DSL-G604T modem router?

  pookie 20:31 02 Sep 2009

windows xp sp3.

I have the above wireless modem router using 54Mbps wireless adaptor. Using talktalk up to 8Mb broadband. Speedtests show download always maxs at about 3.5Mbps but looks like trying to go higher. I know the 8Mbps is not what I'll get but I thought the 3.5 I was getting was down to limit on phone line. Apparently my line supports up to 6Mbps now. Looking at modem router settings it has a value of DSL down 3604. I take it that is the limiting factor rather than the phone line. I have looked in all settings but can't see where/how I can increase that value. The D Link support site doesn't answer it either. I sent them an email but no answer.

Do you know how I increase the download speed limit? The router has latest firmware but the last update for it was years ago.


  Woolwell 22:01 02 Sep 2009

I used to have the 604 before it died on me. I don't think that you can increase the download speed from within the router settings (although adjusting things like MTU may help). Although you may be told that you line supports 6MB you may not in fact be able to get that and 3.5 is what you will get. There are many variables - distance from exchange, condition of wires and your own house telephone wiring.

  Taff™ 06:22 03 Sep 2009

I`ve got a couple of the DSL-G604T routers and Woolwell is correct - you can`t increase the download speed via the router - the line speed is the line speed. I`ve had several issues with line speed that started as soon as Tiscali took over Pipex. It dropped from 8 Mbps to 3.8 Mbps. Protestations were a waste of time - the overseas tech support blamed the router, then the distance from the exchange (850 metres!) then suggested changing the router which made no difference at all.

The fact of the matter is that Tiscali (Now Part of Carphone Warehouse like Talk Talk) are "traffic shaping" download speeds at the exchange and your connection probably likewise. The only company I know for sure honours their line speed commitments is Virgin Media by cable.

To be honest the difference between 3.5 Mbps and 6 Mbps isn`t noticeable for everyday surfing but downloading large files probably is. You just have to accept they take longer! You could raise a ticket with Talk Talk and see if they will advise differently, who knows they might respond, but I reckon that if you check with your neighbours they will have much the same speeds.

  pookie 12:08 03 Sep 2009

many thanks for the replies guys


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