Do you have a Asus or Lenovo laptop?

  spuds 13:03 19 May 2014

How do you find customer service for either of these manufacturer's, plus the products in general?.

My main point is on views or opinions for the Lenovo G700 or the three Asus models X551M - K55A - X550CA.

I have done a few review checks, including battery power ratings (important), but I am seeking further advice on the particular models stated or manufacturer rating from any forum member who owns or have owned the above or similar products.

  Ian in Northampton 13:34 19 May 2014

Spuds: surely, your first port of call for support/service would be the retailer you bought them from? Unless it's companies who have a direct sales model, like Dell, they typically rely on their reseller channel. In general, thjough, I've seldom heard anything negative about either Lenovo or Asus as manufacturers.

  spuds 14:21 19 May 2014

The point of my request for information, was due to being offered the above model number's of Asus and Levono laptops, and just wondering if anyone had had first hand experience of the two manufacturer's customer service mentioned, plus the reliability of the products, mainly battery life.

Woolwell - what is the Asus laptop model number, you are using?.

Thanks for the input both, I'll keep the post open a while longer.

  john bunyan 14:46 19 May 2014

All I can say is that my local (very good) repair man finds Asus and Toshiba easier than some others to obtain spares, and recommends both makes. In our family there are 2 Toshibas and one Asus (second hand) and they are reliable.

  spuds 15:09 19 May 2014

john bunyan - What's the model numbers of the laptops you have, and what is the battery life?.

  john bunyan 18:02 19 May 2014


My wife's home Toshiba laptop is about 3 - 4 years old . Model Satellite L659 - 13Q. No problems since new (bought via John Lewis) A 19 year old granddaughter has a Satellite L655- 17U (bought at PC World - (pink - ugh). Bought so say as she "needed it for school" and as she got 10 A and A* GCSE's I agreed. She went on to get the equivalent in IB of 4 A* A levels and is just - at 19 is ending her first year at UCL so it is 3 1/2 years old . I give this info as she is clearly quite bright BUT exceedingly clumsy. So far the repairs include: 2 new screens - one "sat on it" as it was under a duvet( broke hinges at same time so I bought a similar one for parts on e Bay." Another was due to "Splashing it with Savlon" (I suspect nail varnish remover!) 2 new keyboards - water damage and cosmetic leak. One new (second hand battery). I think the battery could need a proper one soon (Ours is fine).She also damaged the female charging plug - luckily the parts included one. My local repair man fixed all these at a reasonable price! No blame attaches to Toshiba for all these!

My other (22) year old granddaughter is in Greece as a windsurf instructor so I am not sure of the Asus model No (Bought second hand at 3 years old - it did need a new CMOS battery recently which was a bit tricky to fit.

  spuds 19:03 19 May 2014

Thanks everyone for the input, very much appreciated.

I think that I have now settled for a Lenovo G700, and have just placed an order for same, having look at a number of reviews and other user's comments.

Here's one particular review on the G700 click here

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