Do you get faster BBand speeds after stabilisation

  [email protected] 16:50 24 Feb 2007

I am in my 10 day period of stabilisation after upgrading from a 2mbps connection to an 8mbps one. I am getting speeds of 4.4 almost everytime I check (One of 4.5 and one of 4.2 the rest 4.4) is it likely to get faster if "stabilised" or is this likely to be what I am stuck with?
(It actually seems worse than before but I presume that is the unstable part???)

  [DELETED] 17:04 24 Feb 2007

It could get faster, it could get slower, depending on the speed the line settles at. See what connection speed your modem/router shows.

  [DELETED] 17:15 24 Feb 2007

To add, if you have seen the same connection speed for a few days, I would say your line is stable, so 4.4 ish is probably what you'll end up with.

  [email protected] 07:31 25 Feb 2007

Thanks Dipso, it has only been two days since activation (as of Sunday morning). According to BT my line can provide up to 8mbps. I think after 10 days I can contact my ISP and they will take up the speed with BT.
I was hoping for more than half the advertised speed!
I have to say it doesn't appear any different to what it was at 2mbps but I suppose it must be! (at 2mbps I was getting speeds of 1.8 )

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