Do you find that, alter one thing effects another.

  mooly 11:26 02 Jul 2009

That when you alter something on a PC that's been running faultlessly for weeks, some totally unrelated item suddenly behaves differently.
A more serious thought is whether these "problems" might be down to use of registry cleaners etc altering things that "might" be needed later for certain things.
For example, yesterday I turned off Windows defender fully, I never have it real time scan anyway but unticked the box that allows all users to perform scan. (I had a reason for doing that)
I go to copy something from a file on a USB stick later and get message that "this device would perform better if used with a USB2 port" of which apparently I had eight to choose from ???? Really !! Must be more than coincidence that that messages appears after altering defender. Reboot and seems OK
This morning I turned defender back on (not the scanning) as it had been set up before and now one of the Vista gadgets was incorrectly sized... massive and distorted. Close it and reopen and seems OK.
Anyone else find odd things like this ?

  woodchip 11:44 02 Jul 2009

Windows BUGS

  birdface 11:45 02 Jul 2009

Microsoft should not be allowed to have Windows Defender installed in Vista.As far as I know it is near impossible to remove it.
I would have thought that it would be debatable whether this should be allowed or not.
They have already had a few hefty fines from Europe for including different software I don't see why they should be allowed to install it in new computers.It should be offered as a download so that those that want to use it can.And those that don't Don't.
I would imagine the Do not's would be in the majority

  woodchip 11:52 02 Jul 2009

in the past I allowed the Software Removal tool to be installed with MS updates. I lost my Restore Partition as a Result, I did get it back but after that I never allow it near my computer

  mooly 12:07 02 Jul 2009

"Windows BUGS" You are not wrong there :)
Oh well... it's not just me then.
I would have been happy to leave Defender off for all users, except that I find you can't then access such things as software explorer to monitor and control start up programs etc.
Has anyone ever had Defender find anything I wonder ?

  blazingbadger 16:36 02 Jul 2009

Simple answer NOOP

  jack 16:53 02 Jul 2009

When the occasion occurs to need to reinstall windows- it comes to screen different every time and much energy has to be spent shuffling icons to get the thing the way you like it.

Could it be the .dll library simply goes about setting things up in some mysterious set of priorities.

  mooly 18:00 02 Jul 2009

Not quite sure I follow you on that one Jack, reinstalling Windows is (hopefully) something you shouldn't need to do, or if you do it's a "one off"

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