Do you download through p2p?

  $2353 14:15 14 Mar 2004

Having read a couple of artticeles i have found that it is legal to download a few songs as a home user for now, is his true and i want to know do you download?

Help with survey apreciated.

  The Spires 14:28 14 Mar 2004

click here There a is starter.

  $2353 14:40 14 Mar 2004

Regarding this click here
Does this mean that it is legal download for now?

  bremner 14:43 14 Mar 2004

The downloading of copyright material is illegal and you could be prosecuted for doing so.

  $2353 14:47 14 Mar 2004

Thanks but in that lionk i gave at 14.40 it says it is excludiong home users. Is this tue, the link is from the pc advisor news page.

  @jc 16:36 14 Mar 2004

How times change. lol

  $2353 18:01 14 Mar 2004

So is it legal to download being a home user?

  Gaz 25 18:03 14 Mar 2004

I dont go near P2P because of the viruses, file spoofs, security and stability issues and severe spyware. Yes, even with Kazaa lite.

  $2353 18:07 14 Mar 2004

Thanks but can someone please answer the question plz. Is it legal dowload now?

NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You cannot file share copyright music legally, if no money is being paid for the music and its copyrighted you are breaking the law.

However, I use Kazza Lite++ and have had no spyware problems at all, several scans using Ad Aware et al with latest engine updates.

I often illegally download a track from a new album to see if i like it, if i do i will then buy the album. This is where the froth mouthed record labels go wrong. Lots of people like me who love music and own several hundred albums use file sharing as a way of finding new music from comfort of home.

Say i read an album review in Jockey Slut, i will then go download a couple tracks. if they float my boat i will buy the album, if not they get binned.

So bottom line, it is technically illegal, only use a good copy of Kazza Lite++ (some sites have added spyware to it, bastards) and then always scan all downloads before opening with a virus scanner that has been updated that same hour!!!!

The choice is yours.

  $2353 18:19 14 Mar 2004

Thanks bu the dilemna i hav3e is that the article written by PC Adisor sttes that they are ketting of home users. Please have a look at the link i gave at 14.40 before you comment further.

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