Do you agree with this crucial statement

  suburban train 14:21 20 Apr 2006

Hi All

I am looking to upgrade the RAM on one of my computer. I looked at crucial to see what type of memory it takes. After looking around their website I came across this statement which can be found at

click here

The statement reads

"if you're going to be adding 512MB of memory, you are better off buying two 256MB modules, as opposed to one 512MB one"

Is this just a way of getting customers to buy two lots of 256mb which is more than 512mb. Or does having two slots of memory really improve performance?


  BurrWalnut 14:26 20 Apr 2006

The advantage of having 2 sticks is that, if one goes bad you do have the other one to keep you up and running.

Performance isn't enhanced by having 2 sticks.

  Skills 14:39 20 Apr 2006

It depends on the motherboard as well thou if it supports dual channel memory then a matched pair running in dual channel should have better performance than one stick.

  terryf 14:50 20 Apr 2006

Also depends on the processor you have, I have a Pentium 4 530J 3.0Ghz Skt LGA 775 and Gigabyte mobo and it definately is better with 2 matched sticks of 512k rather than 1 of 1 Mb

  Cesar 09:13 24 Apr 2006


  ACOLYTE 09:33 24 Apr 2006

I would also depend i would think on how much ram you have now and how many slots your mobo has.It may also be that crucial are covering there own back,as 2 pieces of 256 ram being faulty is less likely than 1 512 stick.

  Stuartli 11:10 24 Apr 2006

Crucial is a highly respected company that is a blueprint for the quality of its products and customer service.

I would have absolutely no doubts that its advice would be provided very much in customers' interests rather than its own.

  suburban train 19:15 25 Apr 2006

Thanks you to all , i think i will go for 2 sticks of RAM. Memomory is so much cheaper these days i wont be upsetting the bank manager.

If you wish to add please do.

  Totally-braindead 19:20 25 Apr 2006

I read what they said, they are talking about if your computer supports dual channel memory. If it doesn't you're as well getting the 512mb as one chip. To post the whole thing
"Many DDR and all DDR2 desktops and motherboards have a built-in feature called dual channel that allows you to utilize the bandwidth of two modules at the same time. For these systems, you need to install modules in pairs for maximum performance, so if you're going to be adding 512MB of memory, you are better off buying two 256MB modules, as opposed to one 512MB one". This is for motherboards with dual channel only.

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