Do wireless All in Ones scan wirelessly ?

  setecio 20:35 05 Feb 2010

Do wireless All in Ones scan wirelessly ?

Epson sx515w : click here

quote >>>Wi-Fi functionality means that all PC and laptop users can print from around the home

Does this model only print wirelessly ?

Do any of the home wireless All in Ones also scan wirelessly ?

  Technotiger 21:12 05 Feb 2010

No, the wifi is just an added bonus, the All-in-One can be used as a stand-alone wired, without having other computers connected to it.

  Simsy 21:22 05 Feb 2010

is not whether it can be used wired, but rather, whether, (as it's an "all in one"), the scanning, (as opposed to printing), can be done wirelessly.

This is something I'm interested in as I'm about to set one up for a friend...

I got the printing working, (via a remote connection), but not the scanning. I wonder if scanning is not a feature that is supported via a home network?

With apologies if I've either got the wrong end of the stick, or am intruding on the thread!!



  Technotiger 22:05 05 Feb 2010

Hmm, your thoughts certainly make sense, and you are probably absolutely right!

  Technotiger 22:07 05 Feb 2010

Yes, according to this here

  woodchip 22:10 05 Feb 2010

Whats the point, as you have to load something in to scan manually so its not going to be any point in going back to PC if its in another room to tell it do this that and other

  woodchip 22:19 05 Feb 2010

As I said whats the point you have to walk hither and thither to use a scanner to load things in to it

  colberly 08:13 06 Feb 2010

Mine does an HP Photosmart.

  morddwyd 09:01 06 Feb 2010

So does mine, HP8180.

  Devil Fish 14:32 06 Feb 2010

i believe you can on my lexmark though i just load doc hit scan button and go back to pc wait for image to load on monitor

  setecio 19:12 08 Feb 2010

Indeed Simsy, I have the same problem ... wireless printing working (with difficulty on windows 7 and by referring to a useful help post in an Amazon review of it) but not wireless scanning.

What's the point ? Well it is cabled to the PC it sits beside. If I can't get it wirelessly scanning to the laptop then I have to, very awkwardly, remove the USB from the inaccessible back of the PC, and plug it into the laptop. (If there wasn't any point, I wouldn't have asked the question)

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